451 Research Report: The Strategic Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud Data Warehousing

451 Research Report: The Strategic Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud Data Warehousing

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Enterprises in every industry are faced with massively growing data (and even greater data needs), a shift of IT services and technology infrastructure to the cloud, and a business imperative to become data-driven.

To be truly data-driven, enterprises need to analyze their data wherever it resides – whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. And it’s not enough to have separate hybrid cloud and data analytics strategies running in parallel.

Industry analyst firm 451 Research wrote this report, which is designed to help you navigate how to manage these challenges with thoughtful consideration and insights that will accelerate your success in the hybrid cloud AND give you faster time to insight from your business data. You will learn best practices for respecting data gravity and the unique nature of your data, modernizing mission-critical workloads, gaining maximum performance from your data, and getting the best price/performance to boot.

You can download the full report here.

Highlights you’ll read about:

  • Hybrid cloud is a strategic imperative that enables enterprises to make the most efficient use of the variety of infrastructure location options
  • 57% of enterprises are moving towards a hybrid cloud IT environment that leverages both on-premises systems and off-premises cloud/hosted resources in an integrated fashion
  • While more enterprises are focused on becoming data-driven, more than half their data today is “dark data” that is not being used for business insight
  • The intersection of hybrid cloud and data analytics should be a hybrid cloud analytics strategy underpinned by hybrid data warehousing or data lake technology, which will enable enterprises to increase their analysis of data where it resides—on-premises or in the cloud
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