The Data Warehouse for Modern Apps

Deliver engaging data-rich features with a scalable cloud native database that runs next to your app.

Meet the Demands of Data-Driven Apps

Today’s interactive data-driven apps demand more data to be processed, searched, and presented than can be handled by existing application data back-end architectures –including the need for real-time data availability.

Most data warehouse platforms are built only for enterprise BI and analytics workloads and are not built to meet the scale, latency, and consistent performance needs of applications.

Meet Yellowbrick, the Data Warehouse built for the Modern Application Development Stack.

Yellowbrick Vs Snowflake

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A Cloud Data Warehouse Inside Your Application

Built on a modern, highly managed, application and infrastructure stack, leveraging enterprise-grade Kubernetes for resilience, scale, and portability, Yellowbrick can live inside your cloud-native application – simplifying architecture and reducing latency.

Support high volumes of queries from user actions, IoT device calls and/or API calls using automatic load balancing across smaller clusters or configure isolated resources by customer (or group). Sync data using streaming ingest, rapid inserts and CDC or batch loads/exports without impacting user experience. Tried and tested JDBC/ODBC/ADO.Net connectivity using DB authentication or OAuth – minimal complexity.

Real-Time Ingestion

Add Yellowbrick to your current data stack without disruptive change. Easily ingest data from your current database into Yellowbrick in near real-time.

Move Beyond Inefficient Back-End Data Stores

Data stores typically used in application back-ends, such as MongoDB, CosmosDB, DynamoDB or ElasticSearch are not well suited to the demands of analytics.

Common things they struggle with include:

Bursting at the Seams

Designed for small sets of inflight data. Struggle to handle history, analytics, or large datasets.

Memory Dependant

Heavily dependent on caching data in memory (RAM) resulting in expensive run costs and limited scalability.

No Joins

Do not support joins across datasets efficiently, resulting in complex integration paths and the need to pre-process data.


Data science and engineering teams need separate platforms to access the same data.

Other data warehouse technologies are simply not built for the demands of application developers

Other DW Technologies

With Yellowbrick

User Counts
Low Concurrency

Are unable to handle the query concurrency requirements needed by apps, resulting in the need to scale to answer higher demands, driving up costs in multiples.

Scales to Thousands of Users

Individual clusters support hundreds of concurrent queries. Load balanced scale-out clusters support thousands of concurrent queries.

Scale & Growth
Limits to Growth

Suffer from limits on the number of objects and databases, limiting growth or adding complexity.

Useful Limits

Up to a thousand databases per instance to support per-customer sharding. 3000 clusters per instance for complete resource isolation.

Network Latency to PaaS or SaaS Platforms

PaaS or SaaS platforms are not situated in the same network as your application resulting in latency and complex architecture to meet network security requirements.

Runs Next to Your Application

Deploy Yellowbrick in the same network or a peered network, minimizing latencies and keeping traffic secure and localized.

Cost Model
Complex Charging Models

Make it hard to forecast cost. Consumption-based models erode margins.

Priced per vCPU / hr

Complete transparency. No hidden charges. Easy to understand.

User Experience
Inconsistent Performance

Platforms treat all queries the same and so important time-sensitive queries queue behind those that could have waited.

Workload Management

De-conflict workloads in the same cluster to guarantee performance for specific workloads. Alternatively use multiple independent clusters against the same databases.

Cloud Costs
Added Cloud Infrastructure Markup

Vendors sell cloud infrastructure back to you adding their own markup.

No Markup of Cloud Costs

Runs in Your VPC. Benefit from your enterprise agreements with cloud vendors.

Real-time Data Ingestion

Support continuous ingest using Kafka. Streaming INSERTS, or change capture from your current data tier.

Resource Isolation

Balance different priorities with workload management to always meet user expectations.

Economies of Scale

Grow your user base without growing your cost base – higher object limits, higher concurrency, and more flexible system utilization.

Open and Cloud Native

Built using open technologies such as Kubernetes, with a PostgreSQL compatible interface and SQL dialect.

Runs Next to Your Application

Deploy Yellowbrick in the same or a peered VNET for low-latency data transfers. No complex network routing, public IPs, or security holes.

Extreme Efficiency & Lower Cost

Yellowbrick is built to push infrastructure to its maximum potential, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower costs.

Customers Building Apps on Yellowbrick


Delivering split-second identity fraud protection for thousands of brands and tens of thousands of applications


Protecting and monitoring brand presence and enforcing pricing policies across multiple channels


Providing marketing, supply chain, and promotion analytics to achieve reliable revenue growth for leading retailers and CPG firms

Powering the Most Intensive Data Applications, from Data-driven Startups to the largest of Enterprises.

We enable complex queries on live data to our customers' most challenging business questions from terabyte to multi-petabyte scale.
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