Move to Modern, Open, and Elastic, Across the Enterprise

Run your data consistently across clouds and on-prem. Yellowbrick Data Warehouse powers your most demanding analytics workloads while delivering freedom, flexibility, and control over your data.

Modernize with a massively parallel SQL relational database consumed as a management-free, as-a-service model. Delivering a consistent experience in GCP, Azure, AWS, or on-premises, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse combines the agility and elasticity of cloud with the performance, control, and savings of on-prem solutions.

ad hoc analytics

Runs in the Cloud

Run Yellowbrick in your cloud accounts with on-demand, elastic scale and no vendor lock-in

Yellowbrick Manager

A single management plane powers your data consistently across all instances, everywhere

Runs On-Prem

Enjoy on-prem performance and control with optimized hardware delivered as a service

In your cloud and on premises
Simple and predictable pricing (on demand and subscription)
Enjoy blazing-fast performance at petabyte scale
Open standards avoid lock-in
Always available for complex business critical mixed workloads
Migrate quickly and easily, at your own pace

A Cloud data warehouse inside your application

Built on a modern, highly managed, application and infrastructure stack, leveraging enterprise-grade Kubernetes for resilience, scale, and portability, Yellowbrick can live inside your cloud-native application – simplifying architecture and reducing latency. Support high volumes of queries from user actions, IoT device calls and/or API calls using automatic load balancing across smaller clusters or configure isolated resources by customer (or group). Sync data using streaming ingest, rapid inserts and CDC or batch loads/exports without impacting user experience. Tried and tested JDBC/ODBC/ADO.Net connectivity using DB authentication or OAuth – minimal complexity.

Power Your Transformation

Combining an open architecture and the industry’s best economics, efficiency, and performance, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse enables you to modernize your analytics — and take full control over your data.

Deploy Anywhere

Get the same experience across all deployments: on cloud resources, in your data center, and at the edge.

Manage Everything at Once

Enjoy simple, single-pane-of-glass management of all your Yellowbrick Data Warehouse instances — wherever they are.

Scale Up and Down at Will

Leverage granular, elastic scale on demand. Easily align your Yellowbrick Data Warehouse deployment to your needs.

Enjoy a Managed Service

We handle the infrastructure management of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse — and you focus on driving business value.

Harness Radical Efficiency

Drive unrivaled concurrency in a smaller footprint. Leverage the best economics and performance of any data warehouse.

Tame Your Analytics Spend

Get low, predictable costs via subscription-based pricing and add consumption-based capacity only when it makes sense.

Yellowbrick | Modernize Your Databases

Modernize Your Databases

Yellowbrick is the only modern enterprise data warehouse. Here’s what that enables you to do.

Modernize — For Real
Don’t accept an “upgrade” to the latest legacy version. Actually modernize to the cloud-native, future elastic stack.
Integrate Cloud and On-Prem
Leverage a distributed data cloud architecture that enables you to effortlessly run data anywhere you need to.
Move at Your Own Speed
Migrate incrementally, retaining existing ETL, BI, and CDC investments where it makes sense.
Simplify Maintenance

Get a database that doesn’t require endless maintenance and administration.

Keep on Running
Replication for disaster recovery and enterprise-class backups are built-in.
Get Better Friends
We’ll be your true partner, the friendliest vendor in the industry.
Reduce Spend
Yellowbrick is so efficient, your costs may be less than your legacy maintenance bill.
Avoid Lock-In
Enjoy the future-proof data warehouse based on open standard PostgreSQL.


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Case Study

Accelerating Insights for 1000s of Users

A top ten financial services firm — which every day ingests data from millions of transactions to which thousands of analysts require immediate access — chose Yellowbrick to be a single data warehouse platform for all its use cases. The results were transformative: queries now run up to 100x faster at a fraction of the cost, while analysts get 30x faster access to their data — and more actionable insights — with five years (~2PB) of data available for analysis.

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Powering the Most Intensive Data Applications, from Data-driven Startups to the largest of Enterprises.

We enable complex queries on live data to our customers' most challenging business questions from terabyte to multi-petabyte scale.

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Run analytics 10 to 100x FASTER to achieve analytic insights that have never been possible.

Simpler to Manage
Configure, load and query billions of rows in minutes.

Shrink your data warehouse footprint by as much as 97% and save millions in operational and management costs.

Accessible Anywhere
Achieve high speed analytics in your data center or in any cloud.