The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Building block for the hybrid cloud


10 – 140x the performance of other solutions


Save time, money, space and power


Fully committed to the success of every customer


From terabytes to petabytes and up to hundreds of CPU cores


Standard SQL database, ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET drivers


Quickly deploy and be in production the same day


10 – 140x Performance

In customer testing, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse outperforms other solutions by 10 – 140x, enabling users to run queries that were previously impossible.

Faster, Simpler Management

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse deploys quickly, and is often in production the same day. The Yellowbrick Systems Management Console ensures that day-to-day management is intuitive.

Higher Capacity

Yellowbrick Data customers retain more historical data to run complex mixed workloads delivering highly responsive, interactive applications for business users and data scientists.

Lower Costs

Yellowbrick Data customers have been able to adopt this new solution for less than the annual support cost of their legacy systems.


Deployment Options

Available Now

  • On-premises data centers
  • Private cloud
  • Colocation
  • Edge

Coming in 2019

  • Public Cloud

Technical Specs

1310 Series
ST-8x ST-15x
Compute Nodes 8 15
vCPU Cores 160 300
Physical CPU Cores 80 150
User Data (TB) Up to 70 Up to 150
Raw Disk Storage (TB) 32 61
Memory (GB) 1024 1920
Manager Nodes 2 x (fully redundant, HA)
External Connectivity 4 x 10 GbE (RJ45, SFP+)
Rackspace 6U
For higher density systems, please inquire about our 1310-HD Series, which expands to 160 TBs, 300 TBs and 600 TBs for 8, 15 and 30 node clusters, respectively.