Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

The only modern enterprise cloud data warehouse.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is an elastic, massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that runs in the cloud, on-premises, using kubernetes for scale, resilience and cloud portability. Designed for the most demanding, secure, and intensive  data-driven applications and workloads, Yellowbrick can run complex queries at up to petabyte-scale with guaranteed sub-second response times for thousands of users. Patented Direct Data Accelerator technology delivers extreme efficiency, performance, and drives down cost. Available today on AWS, Azure, and on-premises.

Run Securely in Your Cloud Account

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse runs in your cloud account without data ever leaving your network to an external SaaS provider. This eliminates compliance and security risks. Running costs are lowered by paying for the cloud infrastructure (both storage and compute) using your own enterprise cloud agreements.

In an industry-first, full SQL-driven elasticity with separate storage and compute, built on Kubernetes, is available within your own cloud account as well as on-premises. Compute resources – elastic, virtual compute clusters (VCCs) – are created, resized, and dropped on-demand through SQL. Local high performance storage caches active datasets which are persisted on shared cloud object storage, such as S3 and ADLS. Elastic multi-cluster support means ad-hoc users can be routed to one cluster, business-critical users to a second cluster. Hundreds of active users can be support on a single custler, with even higher concurrency delivered by load balancing across multiple clusters.

Each data warehouse instance runs completely independently of one another. There is no single point of failure or metadata shared across instances. Global outages – when deployed with replication across multiple public clouds and/or on-premises – are impossible.

Yellowbrick is secure by default with no external network access to your database instance. Encryption of data at rest is standard with keys you manage. Columnar encryption, granular role-based access control, column masking, OAuth2, Active Directory, and Kerberos authentication are built in. Integrations with best-in-class enterprise data protection solutions secure PII data. Enterprise-class high availability, backups for data retention, and asynchronous replication for disaster recovery are standard.

Designed for Performance

Time is money. Faster answers = less compute spend

Yellowbrick was conceived with the goal of optimizing price/performance. The storage engine is a hybrid column and row store: Most data is persisted in the column store while the row store supports real-time streaming ingest of hundreds of thousands of records per second from CDC tools and Kafka. Yellowbrick’s patented Direct Data Accelerator Architecture is an OS bypass technology enabling in-memory analytics performance at petabyte-scale without requiring a typical database buffer cache – leading to more predictable response times and massive cost reductions.

Designed for High Intensity Data-Driven Apps

Deliver data-rich experiences without impact UI experience

Use cases such as mobile or web applications, operational IT, and data delivery services mean handling high numbers of requests per second. Yellowbrick supports large numbers of actively running queries – in the hundreds per cluster, serving thousands of active users, with additional cluster scale-out options to meet the most intensive workload demands from interactive UI requests or API calls. Yellowbrick’s performance and workload management capabilities deliver predictable interactive query response every time without the need to maintain aggregates, OLAP cubes, indexes, materialized views, or complex cache architectures.

Open Standards Support

Keep control over your data - no vendor lock-in

Yellowbrick’s database engine is fully ACID compliant. A deliberate design choice was to make use of PostgreSQL’s SQL grammar, wire protocols, and metadata schema to avoid vendor lock-in and provide compatibility with a database familiar to modern developers. We’ve enhanced the PostgreSQL grammar with compatibility functions for other databases as well as improved manageability. All core SQL data types are present (numeric, UTF-8 varchar, dates and times, etc.) with support for JSON ingest and query. Views and PL/pgSQL stored procedures are fully supported as are cursors for data retrieval.

Access to Yellowbrick is through PostgreSQL ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers. A substantial number of commercial and open-source tools, including Python, R, Kafka, and Spark interoperate with Yellowbrick.


Confidently run data across clouds and on-prem

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is designed for business-critical data warehouse workloads and has no single points of failure. It is resilient to storage, server, and network outages. Data is persisted on shared object storage for the highest possible availability in the cloud and on erasure-coded local storage for on-premises deployments.

Full, cumulative, and incremental backups allow businesses to meet off-site data retention requirements. Transactionally consistent, asynchronous replication is built in and supports failover and failback; replication of DDL, data, and metadata allow provisioning of read-only hot standby databases for disaster recovery which may be in the same cloud, a different cloud, or on-premises.

Modern with Minimal Management

Power your data consistently across all instances, everywhere

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse largely runs itself on autopilot. Minimal administrative activities are required: there’s no need for creating and maintaining indexes, vacuuming, keeping statistics up to date, and defragmenting; provisioning and managing storage is completely unnecessary. All infrastructure and Kubernetes management is completely abstracted, delivering simple, maintenance-free operations.

A friendly web UI, Yellowbrick Manager, surfaces all information needed to keep the instances running, configure integrations and control, and optimize workloads. For developers, Yellowbrick Manager provides a simple way to execute queries, develop and maintain schemas, and profile query plans. All management and monitoring functionality can be accomplished through SQL and system tables as well as the web UI.

Simple and Predictable Pricing

No more surprise bills with transparent and consistent pricing

We support both on-demand and subscription-based pricing. All pricing is based on consumption of vCPUs for compute; cloud infrastructure is billed directly by your cloud provider, without markup and we do not charge for storage since data is persisted on object storage in your own cloud account. On-demand pricing caters to short-term burst needs and is billed monthly in arrears without credits. Subscription pricing is predictable, works across cloud and on-premises, and allows efficient acquisition of capacity that you know you’ll need. Models can be mixed and matched to meet business objectives.


Reduce risk and deliver value fast with easy, incremental cloud migrations

Migration from legacy data warehouses is largely automated. We partner with Next Pathway to offer their SHIFT™ Migration Suite. Shift features a workload profiler to automatically isolate workloads and identify their dependencies in complex data warehouses and Hadoop clusters, allowing estimation of migration effort and cost ahead of time. SHIFT enables >95% automated migration of the vast majority of database objects as well as ETL, BI, and even BTEQ scripts. Testing and validation services are offered alongside. We also partner with KPMG, Capgemini, Accenture, ZS, Systech, and Cognizant for other ongoing development and migration work.

Thanks to Yellowbrick’s unique distributed data cloud architecture, cloud migrations can be staged to reduce risk. Staging allows you to incrementally migrate from legacy on-premises warehouses to Yellowbrick, replicating data to the cloud and moving workloads as needed. Organizations with complex on-premises ecosystems prefer this approach: In particular, Yellowbrick is supported by both Informatica Powercenter and Informatica Cloud to enable easier ETL migrations. Our Customer Success Managers have first-hand migration experience and will be by your side throughout the process.


Yellowbrick is the modern data warehouse designed to solve today’s analytics challenges. It provides full elasticity in your own cloud account as well as on-premises, with separate storage and compute. Pricing is simple and predictable, and our architecture, optimized for performance, means that nobody runs data warehouses faster or more cost effectively than Yellowbrick. Yellowbrick is built on open standards to avoid lock-in, meets the availability needs of business critical, ad-hoc workloads, and is easy to use. Migration from legacy data warehouse platforms or Hadoop is largely automated.

The only modern enterprise cloud data warehouse.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is an elastic, massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that runs on-premises, in the cloud, and at the network edge.

Get a deep dive into Yellowbrick's architecture.

Yellowbrick has reinvented the cloud database software stack by leveraging Kubernetes and modern computer architecture to implement a modern, fully elastic SQL analytic database with separate storage and compute.

Get a detailed insider view of what makes Yellowbrick different from other data warehouse platforms.


Powering the Most Intensive Data Applications, from Data-driven Startups to the largest of Enterprises.

We enable complex queries on live data to our customers' most challenging business questions from terabyte to multi-petabyte scale.

Run all your data anywhere

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