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Maximize Your Savings and Take Control of Cloud Data Warehouse Costs
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Cloud Data Warehouse: Ground Zero for Controlling Spiraling Cloud Costs

With current economic uncertainty, spending on public cloud infrastructure and cloud services is facing rising scrutiny. Being a high consumer of storage, network, and compute resources, Cloud Data Warehouse is where maximum savings are made.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse was architected from the ground up to address your analytics anxiety. Our unique Direct Data Accelerator delivers faster insights with the lowest cloud footprint. Our intelligent workload management governs hundreds of concurrent queries and users in a single database instance. Finally, our transparent and flexible pricing model lets you choose the right plan for you.

Architected to Maximize Your Savings
Intelligent Workload Management

Meet SLAs by controlling resource consumption, even in an ad-hoc world. Allocate resource queries based on policies (out-of-box or custom) to deliver consistent, repeatable, and predictable performance for queries, streaming data, and data ingest.

The workload manager ensures critical processes are not starved of resources and will penalty box queries that breach their resource policy. The end result, meet your SLAs while executing complex workloads without adding scale and cost.

Direct Data Accelerator

Do more with less using the cloud data warehouse that’s built from the ground up for modern data apps. Get extreme efficiencies in query processing on public clouds out-of box. Yellowbrick’s Direct Data Accelerator moves data faster from cloud object storage to compute instances.

Unlike other data warehouses that rely on auto-scaling to deliver performance, Yellowbrick works smarter. The end result, run queries faster using less compute to achieve better performance than competing solutions.

Utilize Your Cloud Account

With the entire service in your cloud account, avoid costly security, and compliance nightmares of other cloud DW solutions. Use your carefully crafted enterprise cloud policies and controls directly with Yellowbrick. Data, and metadata never leave your domain.

Use your own networking policies, firewalls, VPNs etc. And we integrate with your identity provider for seamless auth. The end result, low complexity, lower project delivery costs. Faster time to value.

Simple, Flexible Pricing Keeps You in Control
No Credits, or Funny Money

No opaque slots, credits, units or other proprietary billing speak. No need for complex formulas or
spreadsheets. No tiers or editions or cluster types. Billed using $ per vCPU per second – plain and simple. With Yellowbrick you have complete transparency on how much you are spending, and exactly which resources are being deployed.

Predictable and Flexible Model

Billing without surprises. Subscription based pricing when you need cost certainty for well understood workloads that run regularly. Our lowest pricing comes with one- or three-year subscriptions when you are able to commit.

On-demand pricing delivers full flexibility and agility for ad hoc or less frequent activities. Hit the on-demand pre pay bar and the reduced price is yours for the rest of the year. Combine both models to deal with unexpected or infrequent peaks.

Pay Your Own Infrastructure

Yellowbrick runs entirely in your cloud account. We don’t resell cloud back to you at a mark-up. Use your cloud provider’s cost saving options like reserved instances, enterprise discounts, and consume from agreed spend commitments.

At Yellowbrick we deliver complete transparency: see exactly which machine types, how many CPUs, how much memory, and how much storage your DW is using. Nothing to hide here. No opaque units or arbitrary cluster sizes.

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Easily Understand Your Costs

A lot of companies are faced with rising and unpredictable cloud computing costs.

From the start, Yellowbrick works with you to understand your current situation around resources, usage and costs. So you can immediately see the value you can get.

We created options for On-Demand and Subscription pricing that can change depending on consumption needs and usage. And with Yellowbrick, you can buy your own cloud infrastructure without markup and effectively cut out the middleman.

Are you paying 4x more than you need to for your cloud data warehouse service?
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Easy to Do Business With

We are with you, every step of the way. In YOUR cloud but not in your pockets.

Proactive Guidance Helps You Cut Costs

We review resource consumption and alert you when savings can be made.

We Take Ownership and Never Pass the Buck

The highest-rated customer satisfaction in the industry.

Don’t dig further into technical debt. Actually modernize with a future elastic stack capable of powering your operations today and tomorrow.
Leverage a platform capable of powering your ideal multi-cloud strategy with unrivaled ease of use and price/performance.

Powering the Most Intensive Data Applications, from Data-driven Startups to the largest of Enterprises.

We enable complex queries on live data to our customers' most challenging business questions from terabyte to multi-petabyte scale.

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