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Yellowbrick for Supply Chain Optimization

Yellowbrick is the world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments enhancing global supply chain management with better, faster analytics, including real-time speed, petabyte-scale deep analytics, and industry-leading deployment flexibility.

Analytics Make Supply Chains Efficient

Today, analytics plays a crucial role in optimizing supply chain management. But as the supply chain landscape becomes increasingly complex, data warehouses designed for the last decade, or expensive cloud data warehouses, struggle to keep up. This is leading to lost opportunities, poor optimization, and unplanned disruptions.

Leveraging Analytics to Improve Business Efficiency

Data-driven use cases in supply chain management include:

  • Minimizing disruption and maximizing resilience with better data consolidation. For example, incorporating weather reports, news feeds, social media, and other logistics data.
  • Continuous process optimization to reduce costs in transportation routes, effective inventory management, and production planning.
  • Ironing out complexity by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Planning for tariffs and protectionism by identifying potential impact.
  • Modeling different scenarios for cost, delivery times, and overall supply chain performance to adapt to constantly changing trade policies.
  • Increasing sustainability by analyzing environmental and social impact, such as energy consumption, emissions, waste, and social factors, to reduce environmental footprint and improve social responsibility.
The Advantages of Yellowbrick for Advanced Analytics

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse underpins these use cases providing an easy migration from existing on-premises data warehouses to a modern, elastic data warehouse that runs on-premises, in the cloud, and at the network edge.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is proven, with record-setting price-performance (typically 75% cheaper than other data warehouses), and supports some of the most complex supply chain systems on the planet, including the US Navy Naval Supply Systems Command responsibility.

The Benefits of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Speed-of-Thought Performance

Makes lightning-fast complex analytics over very large structured analytic datasets possible including real-time ingestion from new data sources (e.g., new test results).

Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Enables entire teams pursuing multiple lines of inquiry located globally to work on the same dataset with no loss of performance.

Extreme Scalability

Supports bulk loading and real-time ingestion of massive data volumes along with the ability to query new as well as historical data immediately.

Lower Operational Costs

Yellowbrick’s focus on extreme efficiency drives down costs and improves performance. The standard SQL interface, and self-managing SaaS-like service delivery significantly increase time to value and reduce the need for high-cost specialist resources.

The US Navy’s Successful Data Modernization with Yellowbrick

The US Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) selected Yellowbrick to accelerate its data modernization strategy, with the goal of finding a provider that could ensure the migration of 1+ petabytes of data with multiple ETL streams and front-end reporting tools.

NAVSUP’s rigorous evaluation of Yellowbrick demonstrated:

• Increased performance of ETL ingestion and reporting speeds,
• A greener appliance that consumes less electricity and has a smaller footprint,
• A notable increase in data ingest speeds and faster processing times, and
• A unified user experience: no distinction between cloud and on-premises

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