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Yellowbrick dramatically shortens time-to-insight over Netezza, with some customers reporting up to 100X improvement.

With Yellowbrick, scaling to multiple petabytes as you grow is easy, with no noticeable impact on query performance.

Thanks to an amazingly compact design with a footprint 1/30th that of Netezza, saving millions in data center costs is within reach.

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Netezza Replacement: Don’t Settle for More of the Same

The writing has been on the wall for years: Netezza owners need an innovative, fast, and scalable replacement—one that is enterprise-grade, migration-ready, and extends natively to the cloud.

Unfortunately, despite years of trying, IBM has failed to provide a solution for customers that can be called anything other than warmed-over, overly complex legacy technology. As a result, many organizations have taken what turned out to be dead-end paths to unreliable, hard-to-manage alternatives like Apache Hadoop.

Yellowbrick breaks that pattern by offering a standards-based solution that not only improves on Netezza performance (by up to 100X) and scale (to thousands of users and multiple PBs) at a fraction of the cost, but makes the migration process fast and easy– you can be up and running in days, not weeks or months, thanks to Yellowbrick’s Postgres frontend. Furthermore, its hybrid cloud architecture lets you run workloads from any private and/or major public cloud, avoiding lock-in and hidden cloud costs to streamline and remove risk from cloud journeys.

Be production ready in hours with quick migration of data.

Analyze all workloads including structured and unstructured data.

Future proof your data warehouse environment with massive scale, support for thousands of concurrent users and easy migration to the cloud.

Significantly reduce footprint and reduce costs.

Integrate all existing applications and tools seamlessly right out of the box.

Get hands-on support from Yellowbrick experts to help with your Netezza migration.

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Find out how Symphony RetailAI uses the Yellowbrick platform for blazing fast performance and faster time to insights. Symphony RetailAI is a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

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Move your data away from Netezza easily and quickly with Yellowbrick’s best of breed partners. Our partners help you plan your transition, understand your data flows, and manage your cutover to the Yellowbrick platform.

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