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Replacing Netezza with Yellowbrick shatters limits on analytics across petabytes of data with few modifications needed.

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Thanks to an amazingly compact design with a footprint 1/30th that of Netezza, saving millions in data center costs is within reach.

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Yellowbrick dramatically shortens time-to-insight over Netezza, with some customers reporting up to 100X improvement.

Netezza Replacement: Get Modern. Cloud or On-premises.

When Netezza first came to the scene the user experience was nothing short of revolutionary. Under IBM’s stewardship, for many years, Netezza has failed to innovate. Legacy Netezza customers are being left behind in the data warehousing and analytics revolution. Many customers have tried and failed to migrate to alternatives like Apache Hadoop. IBM’s roadmap for Netezza customers, particularly in the cloud, has flip-flopped leaving customers confused.

Whether you are looking to modernize to the cloud, remain on-premises or you need hybrid flexibility Yellowbrick provides the simplest alternative to Netezza. High levels of compatibility reduce change, easing the migration burden. Yellowbrick offers a better, faster and more cost-effective solution with two massive advantages: Cloud and a roadmap.

Netezza’s first customer and Netezza’s largest customer have both migrated to Yellowbrick, along with many other long-time Netezza customers including Bread Financial, Catalina Marketing, Nielsen, Symphony RetailAI, Telcel, and the US Navy. Hear first-hand from Yellowbrick customers in the videos and customer case studies right here.

Move straight from painful legacy maintenance to game-changing performance that will delight your business.

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Retail Analytics Giant Upgrades from Netezza: Firsthand Customer Experience

Find out how Symphony RetailAI uses the Yellowbrick platform for blazing fast performance and faster time to insights. Symphony RetailAI is a global leader in AI enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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IBM’s resuscitation of Netezza, the zombie data warehouse.

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Move your data away from Netezza easily and quickly with Yellowbrick’s best of breed partners. Our partners help you plan your transition, understand your data flows, and manage your cutover to the Yellowbrick platform.

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