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Snowflake is fast becoming the defacto cloud data warehouse. Its rich features, instant accessibility, scalability, and data sharing make it a natural choice for cloud-first environments.
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I have been writing about databases for more than 25 years. Most of my recent professional job searches were deliberately...
The slingshotting of TPC-DS 100TB benchmark results between Databricks and Snowflake recently has done neither vendor any credit and has left analysts,...
Hybrid cloud architecture is an IT approach in which data center/private cloud and public cloud infrastructure can be used together,...
451 Research curated a survey that highlights decisions, challenges and considerations when it comes to workload/application deployment and best execution...
AI presents many opportunities to enhance the digital customer experience. Recently, 451 Research published a report regarding Yellowbrick customer: Symphony...
451 Research recently published their annual report, “Top 10 IT trends for 2019.” This report identifies the following trends for...
Retailers are leading the charge when it comes to innovation with AI and machine learning. In fact, a recent 451...
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