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Executive Overview

Executive Overview

Yellowbrick: The Planet’s Most Efficient Cloud Data Warehouse

More answers for more people, faster. Driving actionable insights that can transform your business.

In the current economic climate, CIOs are rethinking their cloud strategy. They face challenges on several fronts – the need to continue to innovate and drive growth while reducing the cost of cloud data programs and bring forward tangible value.

Alongside new data management approaches such as data lakes, SQL-based Data Warehouse technologies continue to prove their value as the primary business interface, with data lake vendors rushing to emulate their capabilities.

Yellowbrick Rises to the Challenge

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse meets these challenges with a unique architecture designed to maximize efficiency, harden security, and simplify management. Yellowbrick delivers everything you would expect from a modern, high performance, SQL-based cloud data warehouse. It comes with cloud SaaS simplicity and elasticity, with performance perfected through years of delivering value to customers in weeks and months.

Organizations Rely on Yellowbrick to Answer the Most Complex Questions of Their Data

Built natively to exploit the power and agility of the cloud, Yellowbrick is engineered for maximum efficiency and price/performance – supporting thousands of concurrent users on 1/5th of the cloud resources versus competitors. Maximize data value with the simplicity and familiarity of SQL, but with a unique pricing model that alleviates concerns over unpredictable cost overruns.

We believe Yellowbrick’s data warehouse leaps ahead of anything on the market after seeing firsthand what it can do for our analytics. 
Josh Woods, Citadel Securities

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Yellowbrick’s customers appear unusually satisfied with the product, repeatedly commenting on the high performance, predictable pricing, and excellent customer service. 
Andy Hayler, Bloor Research


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What Makes Us Different


Analytics for The Masses
Cost-effectively supporting thousands of concurrent users running hundreds of concurrent ad-hoc queries, Yellowbrick leapfrogs competitors while still providing full elasticity with separate storage and compute.


Meet Mission-Critical Service Levels
Intelligent workload management dynamically optimizes resources to ensure SLAs are consistently met without the need to scale out and spend more.


Control Your Own Data
Yellowbrick’s data warehouse runs in your own cloud VPC or on-premises behind your firewall, allowing you to meet data sovereignty and governance requirements and pay for your own cloud infrastructure.


Engineered for Extreme Efficiency
Get answers faster with our Direct Data Accelerator architecture. Yellowbrick runs mixed ad-hoc ETL, OLAP, and real-time streaming workloads delivering the maximum benefit from any underlying infrastructure platform.


Easy to Do Business With
Optimize your costs with flexible on-demand or fixed subscription – Yellowbrick is invested in your success, not in emptying your wallet. Our NPS of 82 is a testament to our customer partnership model and support excellence.

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Yellowbrick | Panda

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