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Executive Overview 2022

Executive Overview 2022
Yellowbrick Executive Overview


Organizations want to be more data-centric but lack the data foundation to meet that ambition – whether struggling with legacy data warehouse platforms, the inflexibility of cloud providers, or the poor quality of Hadoop and open source. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse meets that challenge. We’re trusted to run business critical data, serving tier one applications at petabyte scale with 1000s of users across multiple lines of business. Our clients include dozens of the world’s largest insurers, credit card and payment processors, market makers, and telcos.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a massively parallel (MPP) SQL relational database with agility through elastic scale, ease of use, and a management-free “as-a-service” model that vastly simplifies operations. All this without giving up any control of your data and with an identical experience, whether running onpremises or in GCP, Azure, or AWS.


Our customers choose us because we’re the only data warehouse that is built to help you take advantage of data dispersed across the enterprise, in the cloud, on-premises, and the edge, in real-time – an architecture called Distributed Data Cloud. Yellowbrick significantly outperforms legacy data warehouse platforms, delivering simplicity, performance, lower energy consumption, and cost savings.

Yellowbrick enables our customers to modernize their analytics platforms, delivering productivity gains to large numbers of users accessing vast quantities of data. Our customers take back control from vendors with complex pricing models and proprietary inflexible architectures that limit agility and make compliance a nightmare

Data is too critical to get wrong. Partner with Yellowbrick to solve your immediate data challenges and build a modern, agile, future-proofed foundation for your data strategy.

Founded in 2014, Yellowbrick is headquartered in Mountain View, California with a global engineering and support staff. Yellowbrick customers include top 10 global financial services providers, insurers, and telcos.

How we’re different:

We understand the challenges of enterprises and the industries we operate in, and have solved for:

Cloud Concentration Risk—Our service does not force you to rely upon a single cloud or SaaS vendor, enabling multi-cloud strategies and protecting against global outages.

On-premises—We haven’t abandoned the data center. We know some data sources will remain on-premises for the foreseeable future, driven by regulatory, sovereignty, and other legal or contractual concerns.

Owning your own data—With Yellowbrick, your data stays in your own cloud account so there are no third-party security risks to worry about.

Availability—With built-in high availability and replication for disaster recovery, no forced upgrades, and a stellar global support team to unblock any challenges 24×7, your business can depend on Yellowbrick to keep on running.

Predictable spend—We support both on-demand billing, as well as subscriptions for economies of scale and predictability that credit-based vendors can’t offer. Pay for your own cloud infrastructure, don’t have vendors sell it back to you.

Scale—We offer the highest concurrency and query performance in the industry, across complex, mixed workloads with real-time, as well as historical data. This results in the lowest cost per query.

Migration—Whether moving to the cloud or staying on-premises, legacy technology, such as Cloudera, Oracle, SAP IQ, Netezza, or Teradata, is replaced faster and easier with Yellowbrick. Migrate incrementally, at your own pace, with rich automation for discovery and porting. Our massive ecosystem of both traditional on-premises and cloud-based integration, AI, and BI vendors make interoperability and migration easier than ever.

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