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Migrating from Netezza to Yellowbrick

Migrating from Netezza to Yellowbrick

100x Performance at a Fraction of the Cost  

Whether you are looking to migrate on-premises or to the cloud, migrating from Netezza to Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is fast and painless.

By migrating to Yellowbrick, Netezza customers can achieve 100x performance and 10x scale at a fraction of the cost, on public cloud or on-premises.

Modernizing Your Data Warehouse with Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is an advanced, massively parallel (MPP), SQL database designed for the most demanding batch, real-time, ad hoc, and mixed workloads in both public cloud and on-prem environments.

It can run complex queries at multi-petabyte scale, with advanced workload management that guarantees sub-second response times.

Simplify Operations with Intelligent Automation

As the number and diversity of workloads increase, it is even more critical that you can specify, control, and automate the work that matters most.

Yellowbrick gives you this control with:

  • Real-time visibility into workload performance, with alerts, ensuring you know immediately when workloads are struggling.
  • Historical workload reporting that helps you manage workloads effectively across the enterprise.
  • Workload management reporting that enables you to see if the performance of different workload groups is meeting business requirements.
  • The ability to reprioritize any workload on the fly so you can adapt to unexpected changes in the business environment.

Multi-cloud and Hybrid Advantages

Yellowbrick’s hybrid multi-cloud and on-premises capability provide additional options for your migration program.

  • Multi-cloud or multi-region DR: A true enterprise-class DR solution with live replication, or periodic backup and restore, to a secondary location.
  • Hybrid on-prem and cloud data: Where data needs to remain on-prem due to its sensitivity or dependencies with other systems, you can deliver the same capability in both locations.
  • More time: Migrating to Yellowbrick on-prem provides near-term performance, capacity improvements, and cost reduction. 

Designed to Make Migration Simpler

We have already helped multiple customers navigate this journey successfully. Download the Migration Guide now to learn how in a few weeks, you can have a modern data warehouse that delivers 100x performance at a fraction of the cost.

A Simple End-to-End Migration

Yellowbrick is designed to make migrating from Netezza fast and simple. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse:
  • Uses the same underlying PostgreSQL dialect as Netezza.
  • Supports PL/pgSQL stored procedures.
  • Has a library of functions added for Netezza compatibility.
  • Has intuitive syntax like Netezza (for example, nzload is ybload and nzsql is ybsql).
  • Offers a similar set of ecosystem integrations via standard ODBC, JDBC, and ADO drivers.
  • Is certified and supported by many of the same enterprise tools used today, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy and Informatica.
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Yellowbrick | Panda

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