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Today, government agencies are working under more controlled budget constraints. Data is continuing to grow at exponential rates. More complex analytics is needed on this fast-expanding data at any location. Yellowbrick is the solution.

Engineered for extreme efficiency, Yellowbrick delivers faster, high-concurrency workloads at a lower cost than competitors. The world’s fastest data warehouse, Yellowbrick can be deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

All of Yellowbrick Data, Inc. products meet the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act and are approved to be acquired by the United States Government for use.

Government Solutions

Yellowbrick provides large-scale data warehouse solutions to its Department of Defense and Civilian agency customers. These are Petabyte scale systems migrated from legacy platforms such as Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata. 

Yellowbrick has been able to reduce platform footprints significantly, with better performance at a much lower cost for these customers. These systems provide fast and scalable analytic capabilities for ad hoc query analysis for Enterprise Resource Planning, Logistics, Supply Chain, Case
Management, and fast-moving telemetry data systems.

Easy Migration to Cloud

By using the same database engine across all major clouds and data centers, Yellowbrick enables customers to modernize regardless of deployment restrictions.

Yellowbrick can be deployed in the data center next to existing solutions to offer a simple data layer migration. By using native replication, your data migration to the cloud is simple and allows your data to be simultaneously available in the cloud and the data center. Applications can then be migrated one at a time vs. a “big bang” approach that is risky. Yellowbrick also offers the most efficient data warehouse on the planet and can do more work with a fraction of the resources, thus driving down costs.

U.S. Navy Chooses Yellowbrick, Sunsets IBM Netezza
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