Yellowbrick Pricing

Typical data warehouse vendor pricing is complex and can result in runaway costs. We keep pricing simple, predictable, and transparent. We deliver even greater value by utilizing cloud resources more intelligently and efficiently.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Deployed in your Public Cloud,vendor’s VPC/Vnet, or on-premises


Most Flexible Plan
Predictable Value
Guaranteed 3-Year Price
One Year
Three Year
Data Warehouse Software
per vCPU / hr1
per vCPU / yr2
per vCPU / yr2
Your Cloud Infrastructure
Your Cloud Costs
Your cloud costs
Your cloud costs
and / or
On-prem Hardware Subscription 3,4

$24 / vCPU / mo
$20 / TB / mo

$72 / vCPU / yr
$60 / TB / yr

$60 / vCPU / yr
$48 / TB / yr


Yellowbrick | Data Migration
  1. On-demand with per second metering, billed monthly.
  2. Annual subscription rate calculated at 8,760 hrs
  3. YB HW subscription calculated at 730 hrs/mo or 8,760 hrs/yr. 2x DRAM available, +$1/vCPU/mo.
  4. HW subscription prices of US & Canada deployments only. For other international deployments, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Subscriptions make sense when a cluster runs for more than 25% of the time or where cost predictability is a high priority requirement. Use on-demand if you know you have a workload that will run for a few hours a week.
A: No. The sole determining factor for cost for software is the number of vCPUs in subscriptions purchased or vCPUs used on-demand. For hardware on-prem the determining factor is the number of vCPUs deployed plus the additional storage charge per TB of raw storage deployed.
A: Yes, you can combine both models.
A: No. vCPU hours purchased on subscription must be used or are lost. For example, if you purchase 100 vCPUs on subscription but only consume 60 vCPUs in a given hour, the unused 40 vCPU hours are lost.
A: Yellowbrick’s global 24×7 support is always included. Our customer success superheroes are always there to ensure you get the best out of the solution. There are never additional support charges.
A: No, you cannot buy Yellowbrick Andromeda optimized hardware. Our hardware is only available on subscription. Talk to a sales representative if you have exceptional needs.

We Know. We Don’t Like Surprises Either.

Leverage straightforward, consistent pricing across cloud and on-prem

It’s simple: you pay for your actual vCPU usage in the cloud and on-prem. No opaque compute formulas, no unnecessary credit conversions. Whether you consume your compute via a fixed-amount subscription or on demand, you get straightforward, no-surprises billing across your environment. Better still, Yellowbrick’s radically efficient database design means that, node for node, customers can expect to run more queries on Yellowbrick than competing solutions.

Optimize Your Analytics Spend

Choose between predictable, subscription-based pricing and low-cost, on-demand capacity pricing. Or tailor a combination of the two to meet your precise needs.
Easily Understand Your Costs
Pay only for actual vCPU compute you consume, to the second. No arbitrary credits, slots, or units to decipher.
Flexibly Combine Pricing Models

Balance subscription and on-demand pricing models to optimize your analytics spend.

Drive Efficiency
Leverage workload management to extract maximum value from vCPUs — and reduce the need to scale.
Forecast Pricing with Ease
Guarantee predictability, and avoid surprise billing, with subscription-based pricing.
Enjoy Consistency
Get one simple subscription for elastic cloud and on-prem consumption — including hardware.
Avoid Cloud Infrastructure Markup
We’ll be your true partner, the friendliest vendor in the industry.
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Leave Billing Uncertainty Behind

Typical data warehouse vendor pricing is complex, and can result in runaway costs. We keep pricing transparent, predictable — and dramatically simpler than the competition.

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