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More teams, tougher questions, tighter timelines — and exponentially more data. Yellowbrick ensures you meet all your data challenges.

Be Elastic

Yellowbrick supports full SQL-driven elasticity with separate storage and compute available within your own cloud account as well as on-premises. Compute resources – elastic, virtual compute clusters (VCCs) – are created, resized, and dropped on-demand through SQL, and cache data persisted on shared cloud object storage.
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Slash Costs

Yellowbrick is billed through on-demand and subscription-based pricing based on consumption of vCPUs for compute with no additional charge for storage in the cloud since data resides in your own cloud account. On-demand pricing caters to short-term burst needs and is billed monthly in arrears. Subscription pricing is predictable. On-demand also works across cloud and on-premises and allows efficient acquisition of capacity when you need it.

Drive Performance

Yellowbrick is fast. The storage engine is a hybrid column and row store: Most data is persisted in the column store while the row store supports real-time streaming ingest of hundreds of thousands of records per second from CDC tools and Kafka. Yellowbrick’s patented Direct Data Accelerator Architecture is an OS bypass technology enabling in-memory analytics performance at petabyte-scale without requiring a typical database buffer cache.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Stay Open

Yellowbrick’s database engine is fully ACID compliant and supports PostgreSQL’s SQL grammar, wire protocols, and metadata schema to avoid vendor lock-in and provide compatibility with a database familiar to developers. Access is through PostgreSQL ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers. A substantial number of commercial and open-source tools, including Python, R, Kafka, and Spark interoperate with Yellowbrick.
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The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse has no single point of failure. Data is persisted on reliable shared object storage in the cloud and on erasure-coded local storage for on-premises deployments. Full, cumulative, and incremental backups meet off-site data retention requirements. Transactionally consistent, asynchronous replication is built-in and supports failover and failback. Replication of DDL, data, and metadata allows provisioning of read-only hot standby databases for disaster recovery.

Ensure Reliability

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Migrate Easily

Yellowbrick supports fast and simple migration with SHIFT™ Migration Suite from Next Pathway. A workload profiler automatically estimates migration effort and cost ahead of time. Most database objects, ETL, BI, and BTEQ scripts are migrated automatically with testing and validation services offered alongside. We partner with KPMG, Capgemini, Accenture, ZS, Systech, and Cognizant for other ongoing development and migration work.
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