Solve complex analytics challenges

Hedge Funds

Yellowbrick powers 3 of the top 10 market makers & hedge funds delivering SEC FINRA compliance for 25% of US equities trades.

Keep it Simple with SQL

Perfect for various style funds, empower your quants with familiar SQL technology, not proprietary programming languages, to analyze data at much higher resolution than before. Open up your data to a huge ecosystem of analytics tools that work best with relational databases. Easy to integrate with other internal or third-party tools.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Full Access to Historical Data

Limiting analyst data access limits possibilities
Yellowbrick has the world’s fastest query engine, giving analysts the power to analyze trillions of historical data points to identify patterns, develop new strategies and back test models. All this without the constant fear of blowing through budgets – Yellowbrick delivers a fixed cost data warehouse solution with unlimited queries and extreme performance.

Stay Secure Everywhere

Address security concerns with confidence

Yellowbrick runs entirely in your data center or cloud account so no data or metadata leaves your secure network, satisfying the most risk-averse Infosec teams and CISOs.

Don’t compromise between the agility of cloud and the security and price effectiveness of on-premises solutions – Yellowbrick delivers both.

There’s no multi-tenant shared metadata and no common service-layers that provide additional attack vectors. Yellowbrick has the experience to address the most challenging demands for data security and privacy.

Fits your company and industry security requirements.

Improve Operational Compliance

Flag risks early and simplify reporting
A central data hub and real-time analytics give operations teams earlier and deeper insights into net exposure, geographic risk and aggregate risk across portfolios. With faster analytics team scan maintain a holistic picture of liquidity, avoid over exposure, protect your assets and help improve collateral management in light of EMIR and Dodd-Franck.

The ability to centralize data from multiple teams and run thousands of what-if scenarios helps to simplify and optimize reporting such as the SEC’s Form PF and AIFMD Annex IV reporting.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Simplify Data Architecture

Address portfolio manager independence
The need for separation between managers has led to a proliferation of siloed data systems that increase costs and complexity. With Yellowbrick portfolio managers can have their own independent instances or clusters while benefitting from shared data pools – instantly improving performance and drastically lowering management costs.

Yellowbrick database security, data encryption and deep, seamless integration with market-leading data protection solutions provide the basis for absolute confidence in data privacy between teams when needed.

Top 10 Hedge Fund

Facing multiple challenges with its existing analytics platform, the company needed more speed and flexibility from the platform, which wasn’t keeping up with current business needs. The legacy Microsoft SQL Server and KDB proprietary database for time-series Trades and Quotes (TAQ) data was unable to meet critical performance requirements. The new solution needed to leverage standard SQL, standard tools for seamless analytics by existing users and to support a hybrid environment, with the ability to deploy both in the cloud and on-premises. After evaluating both KDB and SQL Server upgrades, the hedge fund selected Yellowbrick for its new analytical platform. Yellowbrick proved to be the only solution which met requirements for the Research team powering through billions of records in minutes.

We’re powering data modernization and business transformation everywhere.

Give your enterprise a competitive edge with real-time speed, petabyte scale, and industry-leading deployment flexibility.
Hedge Funds
Yellowbrick powers 3 of the top 10 market makers & hedge funds delivering SEC FINRA compliance for 25% of US equities trades.
Yellowbrick’s best-in-class technologies power two of the world’s top 10 telcos, supporting 1000s of users processing 100s of billions of records every day.
With Yellowbrick, industry-leading insurance companies are streamlining critical use cases, including customer360, fraud detection, cyber risk, risk modeling, IBNR reserving, and IFRS-17 compliance, allowing them to bring new products to market rapidly and efficiently.
Wherever you find complex large-scale analytic needs, Yellowbrick fits. Our diverse customers span hospitality & leisure, retail and marketing analytics, healthcare, and government.

Powering the Most Intensive Data Applications, from Data-driven Startups to the largest of Enterprises.

We enable complex queries on live data to our customers' most challenging business questions from terabyte to multi-petabyte scale.

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