Unlock Price-Performance
When Redshift hits the wall

3.5X Faster, 75% Lower Cost

Get peak database efficiency with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. We don’t just claim the best price-performance — we can prove it. Embrace the power of a truly optimized data strategy that turns industry standard architecture on its head. Outperform, Outsmart, and Outsave with Yellowbrick.

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The Architectural Edge: Yellowbrick vs Redshift

Common Features. Clear Differences.

Yellowbrick’s architecture delivers where it matters most. Our side-by-side comparison highlights the pivotal differences.






Manage Elastic Scale

Using SQL


Scale for concurrency

Yes. Any workload.

Limited DML and load operations.

Data Streaming

Built-in support

Limited, 3rd party tools


150 concurrent queries

50 concurrent queries

Databases per instance
Up to 1000

Max 60

Database Management
Autonomous without indexing/tuning
Requires sort keys, materialized views and frequent vacuuming
K8s-native: AWS, Azure, Private Cloud

Only AWS

Isolated tenancy
Isolates user data at database level
Only isolates data at the instance level

Yellowbrick redefines data warehousing with superior scalability, efficiency, and flexibility – crucial for today’s data-driven businesses.

Unparalleled Cost Efficiency with Yellowbrick

More Power, Lower Spend, Instant Value
Direct Data Accelerator

Patented Yellowbrick technologies that accelerate performance at every stage

Intelligent Workload Management

Set simple policies. Use resources efficiently and drive down operational costs.

Microservice Architecture

Granular scalability for precise and economical elastic scale.

Transparent Pricing

No infrastructure markup – Pay only for data warehouse usage. Choose flexible on-demand or predictable subscription models for each workload

Case Study

"Yellowbrick has turned out to be a very fast, cost-effective, and reliable system, enabling us to provide all our customers with richer insights more quickly."
Nigel Pratt
SVP Development

Transition Gracefully from Redshift

Common PostgreSQL interface. Seamless integration. Hassle-Free migration.

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Run analytics 10 to 100x FASTER to achieve analytic insights that have never been possible.

Simpler to Manage
Configure, load and query billions of rows in minutes.

Shrink your data warehouse footprint by as much as 97% and save millions in operational and management costs.

Accessible Anywhere
Achieve high speed analytics in your data center or in any cloud.