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A Direct Path to Analytics: Cloud-Native Data Warehousing

A Direct Path to Analytics: Cloud-Native Data Warehousing
Cloud-native Data Warehousing: Revolutionizing the World of Analytics


Every software architect knows there is a bottleneck somewhere. Whether it’s the storage, the compute, or the operating system, in the era of cloud, the network presents new challenges.

That’s where Yellowbrick’s Direct Data Accelerator technology comes in: shortening and optimizing data flow to the CPU, by-passing main memory to connect CPUs and storage directly, eliminating the need to stage data in memory, and freeing memory for queries, resulting in lower latency and higher performance.

In this episode of DM Radio, industry experts discuss how cloud-native data warehousing is revolutionizing the world of analytics. Hosted by Eric Kavanagh, the panelists delve into the benefits of direct data access and how it can speed up the process of data warehousing while reducing costs.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • An introduction to cloud data warehouses and their advantages over traditional data warehouses.
  • How direct data access can reduce bottlenecks in storage, compute, and networking by optimizing the path between CPUs and storage.
  • The importance of columnar data storage and how it can improve data warehousing performance.
  • The benefits of cloud-native data warehousing, including scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Industry use cases for cloud-native data warehousing, including healthcare, retail, and finance.
  • A look at how cloud-native data warehousing is shaping the future of data warehousing.

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