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Are you paying 4x more than you need to for your cloud data warehouse service?

Direct data acceleration technology in Yellowbrick sets the industry bar for price performance. As a result, Yellowbrick typically supports equivalent workloads for 75% less cost than other data warehouses. 

For a limited time, Yellowbrick guarantees to save you at least 75% compared to your existing cloud data warehouse solution in the first year of switching. Yellowbrick will perform a personalized evaluation of your workload to calculate the basis of the guaranteed 75% first-year reduction in price versus your annual cloud data warehouse costs. By switching, you can expect to see at least the same performance (query throughput) and support for the same number of concurrent users. 

This offer is subject to terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. During the evaluation and before placing a firm order with Yellowbrick, we will discount our subscription fee by up to 100%* to achieve the 75% guarantee for the evaluated workload. In the case of a 100%* discount, you will only pay your cloud provider costs. 
  2. Proof of your current cloud data warehouse solution costs will be required for this assessment, with a minimum of $200,000 in current annual spend required to qualify. 
  3. Offer is valid through July 31, 2023, and subject to the workload evaluation and Yellowbrick’s standard subscription terms and conditions. 
  4. *Yellowbrick’s total liability for failure to meet the above guarantee shall be capped at a zero-subscription fee up to a maximum $2.5M discount for the first year after switching. 
  5. Cloud provider costs always remain your responsibility. 

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