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Navigating the Complexities of Stateful Applications on Kubernetes?

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your SQL Data with Yellowbrick’s Innovative Kubernetes-Native Architecture.

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Yellowbrick K8s Architecture: Presented at CMU Database Group

Let’s end the debate on Kubernetes for stateful applications. At Yellowbrick, we deliver an enterprise-grade k8s-native MPP data warehouse platform. Benefit from Yellowbrick’s extensive engineering experience and insights. We’re excited to share our experience with you.

Simplifying K8s Management with SQL

Embracing Best Practices

Developer Empowerment

					CREATE CLUSTER "myCluster"
    WLM_PROFILE 'default',
    HARDWARE_INSTANCE 'small-v2'

USE CLUSTER "myCluster";
DROP CLUSTER "myCluster";

Performance-Optimized Kubernetes-Native Database

Experience Yellowbrick’s Kubernetes-native database, meticulously rearchitected to deliver robust performance alongside modern adaptability. Yellowbrick and Intel’s R&D teams collaborated to bring our acceleration technology to Kubernetes for speed and efficiency. Every layer is optimized, featuring optimized network layers, enhanced storage, and fine-tuned databases, all synchronized to deliver faster queries and superior analytical performance. With Yellowbrick, embrace an agile, high-performing database solution in a Kubernetes-native environment.

Yellowbrick simplifies your Kubernetes deployments. Forget wrestling with Helm charts or intricate configurations. Experience automated, user-friendly deployments in your data center or cloud, allowing you to focus on architecture and development, not operational hurdles.

ad hoc analytics

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