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Hello Trafalgar Square!

Hello Trafalgar Square!

London office

My journey a Yellowbrick started at the beginning of this year in a January lockdown working from home and meeting my colleagues virtually. Even from a remote setting, I could tell from day one that the culture at Yellowbrick was special. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and I couldn’t wait to meet everyone in the office at some point too.

Prior to working at Yellowbrick, I worked in the public sector for over 3 years, most recently at a Trade Union where I worked in HR generalization. Yellowbrick has been my introduction to the tech world, so it was a very eye-opening first few weeks, especially with the slang and abbreviations to get a grip of!

During my first month at Yellowbrick, the local restrictions started to ease, and I was finally able to go into the office. At the time, the office was on the 24th floor of the Shard. Though it had wonderful views across London, the office space was small. With our EMEA team growing, it was time to size up.

New Beginnings

Yellowbrick had been in the Shard for a few years so while it was the end of an era, it was also the start of an exciting new one. The team had secured our new office before Christmas, and they found the perfect spot overlooking the historic Trafalgar Square. The office is a short walk from more of London’s iconic landmarks: Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park, Big Ben, and the London Eye to name a few!

We said goodbye to the Shard and moved into our lovely, new office at the beginning of March 2022. I was instantly excited by the potential the space had and in particular, to put a Yellowbrick stamp on the place. It’s since had quite the transformation.

We’ve installed our very own live edge bar and brightened up the space with four large wall graphics that each tell their own Yellowbrick story. Located on the second floor, the office floor overlooks Trafalgar Square, the perfect spot for people-watching in busy London.

Yellowbrick Team Assemble

As the pandemic had kept everyone apart for a couple of years, we wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate our new London office. Colleagues from France, Estonia, Denmark, Dubai, and the US joined us to mark the occasion. There was barely a seat left in the house!

For some, it was a chance to meet their manager, teams, and colleagues for the very first time in person. We had a very busy week of meetings: Matt Ripley hosted a “Cloud Native Deep Dive,” the Engineering All Hands was streamed from the office, and teams took advantage of being together in the same space (a nice change from Zoom calls!).

Office Celebrations

After a very busy and productive week, we started our office celebrations on Friday afternoon at our very own Yellowbrick bar. We were lucky to have Thomas Kejser in the office who had a wealth of cocktail knowledge and kept a smile on everyone’s faces!

After cocktails and Yellowbrick cupcakes, we headed for a three-course dinner at Browns, a traditional British restaurant. There was a great turnout of almost 40 employees and celebrations continued into the night. There were probably a few fuzzy heads on flights home the next morning, but a fun night and busy week was had by all!

After a long time of working remotely, it was a nice reminder of how powerful in-person interaction can be. It was a great week, seeing everyone coming together, interacting in their teams, and meeting new faces. Hopefully, this is the start of many more international meetups and an exciting future for our growing EMEA team!

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