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Yellowbrick Provides Free Access to Its Cloud Data Warehouse for COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Yellowbrick Provides Free Access to Its Cloud Data Warehouse for COVID-19 Vaccine Research

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 16, 2020 – Yellowbrick announced that it is providing free access to its cloud data warehouse, a powerful analytics processing technology, to give researchers and companies actively working on a vaccine for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) real-time access and insights to critical data.

“We’re proud to offer access to Yellowbrick’s analytics capabilities to researchers who are working tirelessly to make a difference,” said Neil Carson, CEO, Yellowbrick. “We think our innovative technology can give them a powerful boost and help speed the time to insight.”

Virtusa, a digital strategy and services company, has partnered with Yellowbrick to provide implementation consulting and access for its Life Sciences platform, vLife™. Companies actively working on vaccines will have the ability to connect data from a broad range of clinical, drug development and media sources generating large of amounts of daily data into an analytic platform designed for delivering time-critical insights.

“By joining the capabilities of Virtusa and Yellowbrick, we can help customers provide real-time ingestion, faster performance, and powerful analytics,” said Anthony Lange, SVP, Healthcare & Life Science, Virtusa. “Synthetic data sets available in vLife™ significantly accelerate research and clinical trials to reduce the timeline for finding and delivering life saving drug therapies.”

“We’re pleased to be joined by Virtusa in the effort to support life-saving work,” said Neil Carson. “It’s essential that companies join forces to support COVID-19 research and trials and we are thrilled to partner and bring together our powerful analytics engine with Virtusa’s vLife™ platform.”

Researchers actively working on a COVID-19 vaccine can find more information at

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