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We’re Expanding Our Free Solutions for COVID-19 Vaccine Research

We’re Expanding Our Free Solutions for COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Researchers in countries around the world are aggressively tracking the spread of COVID-19, modeling new diagnosis approaches and treatment plans, and even in some places beginning human trials on vaccines for COVID-19. At Yellowbrick, we’re making even more resources available for free to accelerate their efforts.

Today, we announced that we’re expanding our free COVID-19 solution to include advanced data center services from ScaleMatrix, which include HIPAA-compliant solutions critical to medical and healthcare researchers.

You can read our press release with ScaleMatrix and if you are a researcher or company actively working on a COVID-19 vaccine, you can find more information at and sign up for our free solution.

With Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse running in ScaleMatrix Data Centers, companies actively working on vaccines can connect data from a broad range of sources (such as clinical trials, media information, test and tracking information, and other research) into an analytic and compute platform designed for delivering time-critical insights.  

Those insights are essential to the rapid and successful development of a vaccine to stop this pandemic.

All of us at Yellowbrick are honored to play our part.

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