Yellowbrick Partners with Coffing Data Warehousing

Yellowbrick Partners with Coffing Data Warehousing

Companies create solution for managing and automating data migration and movement between all database systems in an enterprise.

PALO ALTO, Calif. — September 1, 2020— Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data today announced that Coffing Data Warehousing (CoffingDW), maker of Nexus software, has joined the company’s partner program. Yellowbrick and CoffingDW have partnered together to automate the migration from all systems to Yellowbrick’s modern hybrid cloud data warehouse and to allow users to query and join data with Yellowbrick and all other databases in their enterprise. The Yellowbrick and CoffingDW solution is available immediately.

“CoffingDW and Nexus offer enterprises tremendous power and flexibility in how their data is used and managed from servers to desktops,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data. “Together, we offer some of the world’s most data-intensive and data-driven enterprises the ability to migrate and move data seamlessly and rapidly to wherever it is needed for maximum business impact.”

“I predicted Teradata’s success in the 1990s, and Netezza’s rise in the 2000s. Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse will be a new industry leader in the coming decade,” said Tom Coffing, CEO of CoffingDW. “We are thrilled to offer a solution together with Yellowbrick and excited to bring the power of Yellowbrick to more of our enterprise customers.”

CoffingDW Nexus Pro Desktops working in conjunction with CoffingDW Nexus Servers enable companies to migrate data and perform federated queries from on-premises and cloud-based sources to Yellowbrick hybrid cloud data warehouse systems.

Users can query and join any data, any time, anywhere from their office, hotel, or home because Nexus High-Speed Servers can execute their jobs for them with world-class security. Nexus High-Speed Servers manage and automate the migration and movement of data between all database systems in an enterprise. Nexus Pro Desktops allow users to query every system, while Nexus Super Join Builder makes joining data across database platforms simple. Users can work from any physical location, because Nexus Servers run jobs for them.

Using Nexus Desktops and Servers, enterprises can set up, move, and migrate thousands of tables between all cloud and on-premises database platforms. Users can access any data, and they can join data across every platform with ease. The IT and business user community can work together to build an infrastructure to automate processes, share reports, and perform analytics across the enterprise. And finally, with Nexus, users no longer have to work at the office or within the company firewall. The Nexus Desktop allows users to move data between systems and query and join data across systems.

All these functions are made faster with Yellowbrick’s screaming-fast performance, more economical with Yellowbrick’s leading price/performance, and simpler with the unique hybrid cloud capabilities inherent in Yellowbrick systems.

The CoffingDW partnership is part of Yellowbrick’s ongoing strategy to build the most complete and robust partner ecosystem in the data warehousing industry. Thanks to a familiar, standards-based PostgreSQL front end, customers can confidently deploy Yellowbrick knowing that they can leverage their existing database infrastructure and employee skills with innovative pioneers such as CoffingDW—without having to worry about complex integration. The combination of Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud technology and complementary solutions such as CoffingDW and Nexus can help enterprises improve data-analytics capabilities, achieve faster time to insights, facilitate more effective business decision-making, and innovate and thrive in the competitive global marketplace. And they can do this with ease and speed, because Yellowbrick plugs in seamlessly with very little operational overhead.

About CoffingDW
Coffing Data Warehousing’s Nexus Software provides the world’s only desktop and server software for on-premises and cloud environments that allow users to query any system, move data between every system, and join data across all systems. Enterprises rely on CoffingDW to thrive in any multivendor environment. To efficiently handle large tables, the Nexus Server is employed to query, migrate, and join data between systems. Small data queries, migrate, and join from the user’s desktop. The Nexus Software allows users to point and click to do everything from their desktop but has the option of working through any high-speed Nexus Server. Learn more about CoffingDW at or

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