Yellowbrick and Smart Associates Partner to Offer a Path Forward for IBM Netezza Users

Yellowbrick and Smart Associates Partner to Offer a Path Forward for IBM Netezza Users

Reseller partnership offers a better, faster, cheaper hybrid cloud alternative and a smooth migration path for IBM Netezza data warehouse users

MOUNTAIN VIEW Calif.—Dec. 13, 2022—Yellowbrick Data, the leading multi-cloud data warehouse vendor, today announced a reseller partnership with Smart Associates, a global software and services company leading large Netezza data migration and integration projects for blue chip corporations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Following the IBM announcement of the end-of-life for Netezza, Smart Associates has offered a global After Life Support Service, with a team comprised of former IBM Netezza Support engineers. The partnership enables Smart Associates to deliver both the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse and services to IBM Netezza users seeking a way forward with a faster, cost-effective solution, easy migration, and cloud support.

 “With the impending end-of-life of IBM’s Mako-generation Netezza systems, customers ask us for migration assistance. They expect an alternative platform that is broadly compatible, but with significantly better performance, multi and hybrid cloud capabilities, plus fair, transparent, and predictable pricing,” said Huw Ringer, CEO at Smart Associates. “Yellowbrick meets all these requirements. Seeing how satisfied users of older Netezza systems are after moving to Yellowbrick, we feel the time is right to help Mako customers also take advantage of Yellowbrick’s capabilities.”

Since the company’s formation in 2014, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse has gained recognition as the simplest, most compatible upgrade for the IBM Netezza base. Netezza’s first customer as well as their largest customer have both migrated to Yellowbrick. Other large Netezza users making this move include Nielsen, Catalina Marketing, and TEOCO.

Better Together

The combination of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse and Smart Associates’ Smart Data Framework (SDF) offers IBM Netezza users a pathway to modernizing their data in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. The partnership removes the barriers to migration, reducing time, cost, and the risks associated with enterprise upgrades.

“Given the depth of expertise that Smart Associates has in IBM Netezza systems administration and data warehouse migration, this announcement should give customers faced with end-of-life Netezza systems the confidence to know they are in safe hands when choosing to migrate to Yellowbrick,” said Mike Ferguson, CEO, and Analyst of Intelligent Business Strategies.

“We’ve had a lot of success helping customers modernize their Netezza data estate. We’re excited to partner with Smart Associates to accelerate and de-risk customer projects that are on-premises and in the cloud,” said Allen Holmes, VP of Business Development at Yellowbrick. For more on how this partnership benefits the global Netezza base, visit this blog.

About Smart Associates

Formed in 2003, Smart Associates has gained a reputation for deep expertise in the provision and management of data warehouses, both on-premises and in the cloud. Expanding from its inception as a time and materials consultancy into managed service provision and software products development, it provides the means for enterprise data warehouse customers to automate complex but essential, expensive and error prone manual processes in a reliable, repeatable, scalable, & cost-effective way.

About Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a modern, elastic data warehouse with separate storage and compute that runs in the cloud and on-premises. Yellowbrick enables large scale enterprises to eliminate complexity, reduce risk, and predict and control costs by running all their data anywhere, across multi-cloud instances.

Yellowbrick allows enterprises to run complex queries on live data at petabyte scale in their own cloud account, while supporting high concurrency with fast, interactive query response to customers’ most challenging business questions. Yellowbrick Data was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Learn more at and visit us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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