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Ensuring Customer Success

Ensuring Customer Success

Key Highlights
  • Committed to customer success at every step of the journey
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring, support and training
  • Single point of contact to ensure continuity and success
Our single goal, your success

Maximize performance and availability. Simplify maintenance.

Yellowbrick Data is completely focused on customer success, ensuring our users maximize performance, enhance their analytic capabilities and reduce operational costs. We have architected our customer engagement and support processes with as much thought and care as the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, aligned to the single goal of customer success.

Your single point of access

The Yellowbrick Customer Center.

Customer success means people working together, therefore all Yellowbrick customers have a single point of contact who understands their needs and remains committed to their success. Through this single point of contact, customers can access all support services from “how do I…?” questions to incident resolution for the complete Yellowbrick Data Warehouse system, including compute, storage, network, software, operating system, and database.

The Yellowbrick Customer Center

Comprehensive Training and Support

At Yellowbrick Data, we believe that the path to success starts with effective training and so we provide both boot camp and advanced training delivered either onsite or remotely, accompanied by a complete training library. Once the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is installed, our Customer Support Center and Customer Success team are available 24×7 to handle all inquiries and potential concerns.

Around the clock remote monitoring

Yellowbrick Customer Support includes 24×7 predictive remote monitoring technology that enables Yellowbrick Support Engineers to handle day-to-day monitoring activities. Yellowbrick Support Engineers review real-time diagnostic data, provide recommendations, proactively address potential issues, and deliver prompt incident resolution.

Software updates and system upgrades the Yellowbrick way

When a customer purchases a Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, all software updates are included, and are performed by a Support Engineer, either on-site or remotely. Due to the converged architecture of the Yellowbrick Data appliance, a single update addresses the entire stack and most updates complete within 20 minutes.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse high availability architecture ensures that potential hardware upgrades and replacements do not disrupt your business. All active system modules are easily hot-swappable. If a hardware module fails, remote monitoring services automatically detect the failure and promptly send a replacement module.

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