Yellowbrick Cures Woes in Healthcare Analytics

Yellowbrick Cures Woes in Healthcare Analytics

healthcare analytics

Healthcare organizations are more reliant than ever on healthcare analytics as they seek to answer more complex questions using increasingly larger data sets. A survey by Deloitte with MIT Sloan Management review found nearly two-thirds (62%) of digitally mature biopharma companies have leveraged healthcare analytics to implement a data-driven project at scale.

healthcare data analytics
What is Healthcare Data Analytics?

In essence, healthcare data analytics refers to the analysis of data in order to create data-driven, actionable insights that inform and improve critical healthcare decisions. At the same time, healthcare data analytics enable organizations to personalize the patient journey while generating actionable insights to shape future interactions with patients, consumers, and populations.  

Using a Data Warehouse in Healthcare

Yellowbrick Data delivers a modern healthcare data warehouse that sets the foundation for turning data into fast, actionable insights, helping the healthcare sector improve patient outcomes, accelerate time to market, drive cost reduction, and enable entirely new business models and revenue streams. With Yellowbrick’s healthcare data warehouse solution, healthcare organizations can process Clinical Quality Measurements (CQMs) faster, integrate and share medical data like Electronic Health Records, store, process, and correlate all patient information, all while protecting privacy rights.

Use Cases for Yellowbrick in the Healthcare Sector

Examples of healthcare analytics use cases for Yellowbrick in the healthcare sector include:

Improve care with predictive analytics 

  • Identify and resolve patient deterioration for issues like sepsis (response to infection)
  • Identify patients that are at high risk for suicide or self-harm
  • Assist diagnosis with predictive modeling over much larger sample sizes
  • Improve population and patient health by risk-scoring chronic conditions

Use healthcare analytics solutions to  improve personalized treatment planning

Provide personalized care faster and better across the healthcare sector, based on data including real-time status and treatment as well as deep patient history.

Improve customer satisfaction

Optimize patient flow, staff facilities for peak hours, and provide real-time visibility into wait times for patients and responders.

Better monitor patient vital signs

Continuously monitor data streamed in real-time from smart, connected devices to detect changes and predict a patient’s need for intervention.

Leverage healthcare IT analytics to access and share electronic health records (EHR)

Analyze and broadly share EHR data securely, across the globe, to improve treatment quality, eliminate waste on items like redundant testing, and reduce the number of patient-doctor visits.

Accelerate genome processing and DNA sequencing

3-10x performance can dramatically improve the productivity of researchers and shorten time to market for clinical applications.

Accelerate drug discovery

Enable simulations to run faster on much larger datasets.

Reduce risks and fraud

Another top priority application of healthcare analytics solutions is to run analytics on patient records and billing to detect anomalies such as a hospital’s overutilization of services within short time periods, patients receiving healthcare services from different hospitals in different locations simultaneously, or identical prescriptions for the same patient being filled in multiple locations. Importantly, Yellowbrick also implements proven methods of data protection – such as access controls and multi-tenancy – to protect against malicious attacks and intrusions.

Operate in a HIPAA-compliant hybrid cloud

Yellowbrick data protection features ensure data meets HIPAA regulations whether it is stored within your own cloud account or on-premises.

Improve operations

Predictive modeling can identify cost inefficiencies, waste, risk, and streamline processes across the healthcare sector. Some examples include:

  • Minimizing no-shows. Identify patients at high risk for missing appointments to send additional reminders.
  • Identifying patients at high risk for readmission that might result in Medicare penalties.
  • Optimizing the supply chain to ensure supplies are ordered at optimal times and in optimal quantities to ensure availability of inventory at the lowest cost.
Healthcare Analytics Solutions in Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick builds and delivers the world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our solution gives healthcare providers and pharma and biotech companies the price/performance, agility, and flexibility (with HIPAA compliance) they need to improve care and financial outcomes in the face of massive data challenges.

To learn how Yellowbrick can help your organization leverage optimized healthcare analytics services in order to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, accelerate time to market, or reduce costs, contact us.

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