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Yellowbrick Data Enables Insights, Innovation, And Savings At TEOCO

Yellowbrick Data Enables Insights, Innovation, And Savings At TEOCO

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TEOCO is a leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to the telecommunications industry. Serving over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEM customers worldwide, TEOCO provides actionable intelligence about network quality of service and customer experience. The company’s expertise and value-add to their customers derives from three core competencies:

  1. Handling the extremely large volumes of data that telecom carriers generate
  2. Applying TEOCO industry knowledge and understanding of this data
  3. Developing algorithms that transform this raw data into actionable insights
Explosion of mobile data and devices drives the need for faster insights

With the explosion of mobile device data, maintaining accurate and timely information on consumer and network behavior remains critical to CSPs. For ongoing operations, they must monetize, monitor network quality of service, combat fraud, and optimize revenue. Hand in hand with the data explosion remains an ever-increasing consumer dependence on networks and devices. These factors drive the need for faster insights and decision making, requiring faster data warehouses.

As a partner to the communications industry in need of these services, TEOCO constantly seeks breakthrough data warehousing innovations. The need became more crucial in late-2017, when a primary data warehouse provider announced the end-of-life program for their data warehousing appliances, on which TEOCO depended.

A comprehensive product evaluation completed in just one week

TEOCO embarked on a lengthy evaluation of the most current data warehousing solutions ranging from traditional suppliers to new offerings but found nothing that was a significant improvement until they evaluated  Yellowbrick Data.

Yellowbrick Data proved to be an exception with game changing technology. Although TEOCO only had a three-week window in which to complete their Yellowbrick testing, due to product data loading capabilities, overall performance and query compatibility, most testing completed within a week. This allowed TEOCO to spend the next two weeks pushing the limits of Yellowbrick Data.

Billions of rows and up to 100x faster

The TEOCO evaluation team led by Rick Mahuson, VP R&D, quickly realized the transformational potential of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to their business. Mahuson commented, “Yellowbrick uses flash memory and directly feeds the data in the CPU rendering  IO a non-issue. We routinely load 30 or 40 billion records a day, so load time is always important. Not only is Yellowbrick faster than anything else we’ve seen but, probably more importantly, it is able to load data without an impact on query performance.”

Millions of dollars in data center savings

As a result of these tests, TEOCO committed to Yellowbrick Data and is now expanding the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse platform to support existing customers. With Yellowbrick Data occupying a dramatically smaller data center footprint and consuming less power than traditional data warehousing systems, TEOCO expects to save millions of dollars in data center costs over the next several years.

Bringing innovation and insights to communications

TEOCO takes pride in being on the forefront of new and innovative solutions, and on their ability to bring these solutions as first-to-market offerings. Atul Jain, TEOCO Chairman and CEO, said “Our customers count on us to bring innovative and path-breaking solutions to them. Through our adoption of Yellowbrick technology, we feel that we have yet another advantage to bring to the table to the telecommunications industry. We feel that with the power of Yellowbrick combined with our deep knowledge of the data and proprietary algorithms, we will be able to produce insights that have not been possible before.”


TEOCO is a leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide.  Our solutions enable the digital transformation of CSPs while enhancing their network QoS, improving their customer experience and reducing their operational costs.  Through advanced analytics, TEOCO solutions provide actionable and measurable insights into network and customer behavior.

About Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data empowers companies to make faster decisions with all of their data. Built for enterprises and the hybrid cloud, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse deploys powerful analytics anywhere, with best in-class economics.

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