Yellowbrick and Intel – Joining Forces in the Disruptor Program

Yellowbrick and Intel – Joining Forces in the Disruptor Program

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After a two-year hiatus from conferences and events, it was only fitting that my first conference back was Intel Vision 2022 in May. Having spent 20+ years at Intel in my formative career stages, it was wonderful to run into so many familiar faces that I had looked up to, worked with, and had the honor to lead. Who better to partner with than Intel?

The sheer volume of innovation and technology on display was impressive and even a bit overwhelming. Throughout the conference, the opportunities to apply Intel innovation to the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse platform were clear and growing with each conversation.

Fast forward to today. We are excited to share that Yellowbrick has joined Intel’s Disruptor program as a Gold Partner. Yellowbrick, the leader in Distributed Data Cloud architecture for data warehousing, and Intel’s foundational technology leadership for cloud architecture are a perfect match to help organizations solve complex analytic challenges through large-scale data warehouses running in hybrid cloud environments.

Data centers and clouds provide the foundational infrastructure on which massive amounts of data can be analyzed for near real-time insights and intelligence. And while these remain key computing sites, data centers are no longer the only sites where data is being generated, processed, and analyzed.

We have the opportunity to bring Intel-based technologies to on-premises, private and public clouds and to the edge. These joint platform solutions will deliver best-in-class performance, accelerate the new technology adoption in analytic use cases, and provide the customer with a flexible, agile business model that fits their requirements. This partnership will break new ground in data warehousing and analytics.

What is the Intel Disruptor program?

Intel created the Disruptor initiative to bring together exemplary companies to collaborate and push the limits of innovation. Through this program, Intel and Yellowbrick will help organizations solve complex analytics challenges through large-scale data warehouses running in hybrid cloud environments.

Who participates in the Intel Disruptor program?

Participants include companies that are pushing the limits of innovation. Intel engineers provide Disruptor Initiative partners with technical enablement resources throughout their solution product lifecycle to develop best-in-class joint offerings.

What does being a Disruptor Partner mean for Yellowbrick?

Intel will provide Yellowbrick with early access to Intel hardware and software so we can optimize performance and accelerate our time-to-market.

What does this mean for Yellowbrick customers and partners?

Yellowbrick customers and partners will benefit from current and future Intel Xeon Scalable processors and software leveraging built-in accelerators, optimized libraries, and software that boost complex analytics workloads.

We already leverage Intel technology today from the CPU through the network stack to maximize performance. And with this announcement, Intel and Yellowbrick are now expanding joint engineering efforts that will accelerate performance and help customers experience faster time to insights, value, and ultimately results.

And so our work together gets even better, leveraging Intel’s software-first strategy, which is focused on openness, choice, and trust.

“Yellowbrick’s flexible, highly-performant cloud data warehouse running on Intel Architecture is the perfect match. Through the Disruptor Initiative, Yellowbrick and Intel will work to enhance an already fantastic customer experience, and help enterprises realize market-leading value from their data,”

— said Eric James, Partner Manager at Intel Corporation.

Well put Eric and thank you for making Yellowbrick a part of this global initiative.

Learn more about Yellowbrick joining the Intel Disruptor Program as Gold Status Partner.

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