Yellowbrick Data Achieves Next Level of Scale for Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouses with Portfolio Expansion

Yellowbrick Data Achieves Next Level of Scale for Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouses with Portfolio Expansion

PALO ALTO, Calif. —June 18, 2020 — Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data today announced it has achieved the next level of scale for its customers by offering multiple petabyte (PB) capacity on its new hybrid data warehouse 3-chassis configuration. The most recent milestone in the evolution of the fastest, most performant hybrid cloud data warehouse in the industry, the 3-chassis configuration demonstrates Yellowbrick’s commitment to staying ahead of customer demands as businesses expand their infrastructure and workloads.

Yellowbrick’s 3-chassis product is an extension of the company’s high-performance family of integrated software/hardware solutions, which power a unique hybrid cloud data warehouse that can be consumed via any private cloud and/or any major public cloud. This evolution offers unparalleled, single-warehouse capacity with support for 3.6PB of user data in an 14U rack form factor. When fully populated, this instance has a maximum node count of 45 in 14U. Queries run in parallel on all blades, dramatically increasing query performance. Other competitive solutions cost significantly more, particularly when data center cooling and real estate costs are taken into account.

“Yellowbrick is one of the only data warehouse providers to offer true horizontal scalability, eclipsing other competitive offerings in terms of performance, scale, and ease of extensibility,” said Nick Cox, head of product at Yellowbrick. “With the 3-chassis configuration, we’re delivering dramatically more storage and performance in a very small form factor. It’s the most recent example of our relentless commitment to innovation—something that’s been part of the company culture and our hybrid data warehouse since day one.”

Among other key benefits, the 3-chassis product scales to meet future data demands, expands seamlessly to higher capacities of storage and performance, and optimizes data warehouse footprint dramatically for on-premises deployments.

The 3-chassis configuration announcement comes on the heels of a recent survey of more than 1,000 enterprise IT managers and executives showing that more than half of businesses are accelerating the move to the cloud, with nearly 55 percent of enterprises looking at a hybrid cloud approach that includes on-premises solutions.

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