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Enterprise Strategy Group Finds Massive Cost and ROI Benefits from Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Enterprise Strategy Group Finds Massive Cost and ROI Benefits from Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Economic Validation report shows up to 332% ROI and 81% in cost savings versus alternatives

PALO ALTO, Calif. — October 21, 2020 — Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) today published an Economic Validation report that reveals Yellowbrick Data Warehouse provides customers with significant benefits in price/performance, architectural flexibility and simplicity, and operational savings for enterprise data warehouse (EDW) deployments, adding up to a potential 332 percent return on investment (ROI). ESG completed a quantitative economic analysis of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse compared with legacy on-premises EDWs, cloud-only EDWs, and Apache Impala implementations for Hadoop-based data lakes. Highlights of the ESG Economic Validation show that Yellowbrick can achieve:

  • 70–75 percent savings versus legacy on-premises EDWs
  • 33–81 percent savings versus cloud-based EDWs
  • 33–332 percent ROI when augmenting Hadoop-based data lakes to enable interactive analytics

“ESG validated that, when compared with other on-premises and cloud-based solutions, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments delivers improved and predictable performance and cost with improved operational simplicity and deployment,” said Aviv Kaufmann, senior validation analyst at ESG. “ESG’s modeled scenarios, based on validation with real-world Yellowbrick customers, predict significant savings for organizations looking to deploy a modern and agile analytics environment that delivers certain timely insights to answer today’s uncertain questions. One customer summed it up very well: ‘With Yellowbrick, we can now add more retail data, get faster insight, and do not have to add more people or hardware.’”

Highlights of the research include other dramatic cost savings and significant returns:

Yellowbrick versus legacy on-premises enterprise data warehouse solutions

  • 88–90 percent lower initial cost to get started
  • 85–84 percent lower cost of power/cooling/floor space
  • 89–95 percent lower cost of maintenance, support, and licensing
  • 25–40 percent lower cost of administration

Yellowbrick versus cloud-only data warehouse solutions

  • 33–81 percent lower cost
  • While the majority of the cost for all solutions comes in the form of cloud-based subscription costs, additional incurred costs for data storage, network egress, data loading, and streaming inserts were factored in where required. Although these costs are not large proportionately, they are costs that can be unpredictable and are not incurred by the Yellowbrick solution.

Yellowbrick versus Apache Impala for Hadoop deployments

  • Roughly 3x performance improvement
  • 60 percent management and maintenance savings
  • 92 percent operational savings
  • 78–332 percent expected ROI

“ESG’s research validated what our customers tell us: our price/performance is unmatched, our hybrid and multi-cloud approach is best for the wide variety of enterprise data they must manage, and our cost savings in both capital and operating expenses are sizeable,” said Justin Kestelyn, vice president of product marketing at Yellowbrick Data. “We take great pride in helping our customers become data-driven so they can tackle a variety of enterprise challenges, from revenue growth to customer retention to operational efficiencies. This research quantifies both the returns we help our customers achieve today and the returns we offer any enterprise that chooses Yellowbrick for its data warehouse needs.”

“An effective analytics strategy has become a critical cog in the operational engine for modern data-driven organizations,” concluded ESG’s Kaufmann. “The value of timely and comprehensive insight has been proven time and time again to provide positive and quantifiable improvements and advantages across nearly every part of the business, from procurement and operations to revenue optimization and customer satisfaction. ESG research shows that through better understanding of their data, organizations have realized a wealth of benefits—with the top five being improved security and compliance, faster decision making, improved employee productivity, improved products and services, and improved ability to adapt to changing market conditions.”

The full ESG Economic Validation is available at

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