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Yellowbrick Data Names Brian Bulkowski as Chief Technology Officer

Yellowbrick Data Names Brian Bulkowski as Chief Technology Officer

PALO ALTO, Calif – Feb 27, 2019 – Today, Yellowbrick Data announced that Brian Bulkowski has joined Yellowbrick Data as its chief technical officer. Bulkowski will be responsible for continuing to enhance the Yellowbrick Data technology and product roadmap, as well as serve and grow its customer base.

Prior to joining Yellowbrick, Bulkowski founded and served as chief technology officer at Aerospike, an enterprise-grade non-relational database company with category leading performance and scale based on innovative hardware use. Under Bulkowski’s leadership, Aerospike experienced rapid growth, raised venture funds and enhanced its product capabilities.

A key reason why Yellowbrick Data attracts luminaries like Bulkowski is due to its existing customer base. The world’s largest companies have selected the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse including a leading global insurance company, one of the top five credit card companies, one of the largest global research firms, a top North American wireless carrier, a leading private-sector courier, a premiere hospitality and casino operator, and a leading electronic medical records provider.

“We are excited to have Brian join our team,” said Neil Carson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Yellowbrick Data. “Since we founded Yellowbrick Data, we have aimed to be the leader in delivering best-in-class performance, capacity, and simplicity needed to carry data initiatives forward quickly. Brian’s talent in growing database companies will ensure that we maintain a leadership position as we deliver an all-flash data warehouse solution to our customers.”

“Enterprises are constantly challenged to make sense of their wealth of data and spot patterns and trends,” said Brian Bulkowski, chief technology officer at Yellowbrick Data.  “With rapidly evolving hardware capabilities, there is broad scope for continued delivery of radical improvements. I am proud to be part of a company that helps its customers run queries 140 times faster than other data warehouses, while taking up 30 times less space in data center environments.”

Bulkowski, who will be based in Palo Alto, California, holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Brown University. He currently serves as an advisor at Aerospike.

To read more about Bulkowski’s journey to Yellowbrick Data, read his blog post.

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