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The Walking Dead: Enterprise Edition

The Walking Dead: Enterprise Edition

How to get the brick in the walking dead
This blog is from our CEO, Neil Carson

We’ve read the news of IBM’s resuscitation of Netezza, the zombie data warehouse. But that announcement contains nothing in the way of innovation or major enhancements: no column store, broken workload management, no working replication, no working business continuity, crap concurrency, and bugs and crashes galore.

Quite frankly, this isn’t how anyone should build a modern platform—with 20-year-old PostgreSQL 7 software running in containers.

The Yellowbrick hybrid cloud data warehouse can do so much more for a data-informed enterprise than Netezza can. Customer after customer tells us that Yellowbrick is 100x faster than Netezza at a fraction of the cost. Make no bones about it, I’m passionate about Yellowbrick technology. But what really excites me is what our technology does for our customers, from the largest telcos to Fortune 500 financial institutions.

It pains me to see companies still refreshing technology products that have no roadmap in a world where innovation is accelerating. IBM customers, having suffered from multiple broken promises, are delaying the inevitable and costing themselves real-time insights from their data. And let’s be real: businesses need those insights more than ever. They need them for competitive positioning; customer loyalty; top-notch service and support;and logistics, supply chain, or cost improvements—or even for their very survival in the face of massive supply chain and workplace disruption caused by COVID-19.

We know this because we’ve been busy at some of the biggest enterprises in the world replacing their Netezza systems and moving them to Yellowbrick systems. We offer:

  • 3x–5x better price/performance
  • 2x faster reports with 10x larger data sets
  • 3x–5x faster cube builds and queries with the same data sets
  • Faster delivery of deeper insights to customers, achieved because you can keep more data (and run more workloads) in one place
  • Rapid migration with minimal code rewrites

TEOCO, a leading provider of 5G, analytics, assurance, planning, and optimization software solutions to telcos and communications service providers (CSPs) around the world, replaced its six racks of Netezza with 6U of a Yellowbrick hybrid cloud data warehouse and now has blazing-fast performance. And, the company will save $5 million on data center costs alone, thanks to Yellowbrick.

Symphony RetailAI, a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions, and insights for retailers and CPG manufacturers, had huge challenges with its Netezza systems. On Netezza, because of scalability limitations, Symphony had to limit daily reports to 10 percent data sets. With its Yellowbrick hybrid cloud data warehouse, Symphony runs those reports with 100 percent data sets and delivers them twice as fast.

Another customer replaced a six-rack Netezza TwinFin with a Yellowbrick hybrid cloud data warehouse and got 100x faster performance. And a major retailer replaced Netezza with Yellowbrick and increased its reportable data sets from a single quarter to multi-year.

What we’ve done for these enterprises we can do for your enterprise. Moreover, we’re happy to prove it. There’s no need to wait for IBM to bring more back from the dead.

To learn more about how Yellowbrick can replace your Netezza systems, please visit

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