Best Of 2021

Best Of 2021

data warehousing and analytics

A year ago, most of us were more than ready to bid 2020 good riddance, and we welcomed 2021 with open arms. How could any year bring with it more trials and unwelcome surprises than 2020, we reasoned. Well, for the most part we were right! And now, as we look back on 2021, there are some great things that we as a company can highlight—areas where we helped our customers succeed and areas where we advanced, too.

Our customers are succeeding with Yellowbrick.

Nothing is more important to Yellowbrick than helping our customers get the highest value possible from their data, at incredible speed and at incredible scale. In 2021, we welcomed scores of new customers to our ranks, and as always, we spent quality time onboarding and ensuring that Yellowbrick exceeded their expectations. It’s not good enough for us to replace a legacy technology and improve a company’s analytics performance by 2x or 3x. Rather, we spend time working with our customers to understand how Yellowbrick can help them use analytics to transform their business. It’s no wonder our net retention is 136 percent and our net promoter score is 87—something almost unheard of in the cloud software industry. If you’re interested in what our customers have to say about us, check out these excepts from Gartner Peer Insights:

*The Yellowbrick platform is the best performing warehouse environment I have ever used. When we first began running benchmarks, we thought perhaps that something was not working because our queries that previously ran for hours and double digit minutes on our old platform now ran in seconds on Yellowbrick. It is a technical marvel. –Vice President and Principal Consultant, Finance Industry*

*A lightning fast data warehouse with a great power of scalability and flexibility. It empowered my company to make a quick analysis on a rapidly changing massive amount of data. Many users can run multiple complex queries at the same time without lock-in or delay issues. –BI Engineer, Healthcare Industry*

*It’s sometimes hard to articulate the improvements in overall query runtimes that we’ve seen on YB. And, with fine-tuning, you can make queries run even faster. There is no doubt in my mind that YB provides the best performance, dollar-for-dollar, in the industry. –Senior Database Administrator, Finance Industry*

They like us. They really like us.

We had a few “aw shucks” moments in 2021 with awards coming our way and analysts noticing our innovative technology and how we’re shifting the conversation around data warehousing to incorporate the benefits of cloud native and edge computing. In 2021, DBTA named us in its top 100 list, Intellyx bestowed “Digital Innovator of 2021” on us, and CRN called us one of the coolest big data systems of 2021. We debuted in the Forrester Wave in 2021, and GigaOm’s Radar Report for Data Warehouses listed us as only one of two Outperformer data warehouses. We’d like to thank all of those who made this year possible.

Investors continue to invest in Yellowbrick.

In Q4 of 2021, we announced a Series C1 funding round that added three new investors, including institutional investor Citadel, which is also a recent new customer of Yellowbrick. Josh Woods, head of options, ETF, CES, and research technology for Citadel Securities, said this about Yellowbrick: “We believe Yellowbrick’s data warehouse technology leaps ahead of anything on the market after seeing firsthand what it can do for our analytics. We’re thrilled to invest in what will be the new standard in data warehousing and analytics.” Some of our existing investors, including Third Point Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Next47, DFJ Growth, Threshold Ventures, GV, and IVP, also participated.

Finally, in 2021 we hosted our first virtual summit, to which we welcomed more 1,000 attendees. And of course, we became the first vendor to announce a truly cloud native data warehouse.

Thanks again to our many amazing customers. This year would not have been so awesome if we weren’t helping to make you more successful. Best wishes in 2022!

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