Introduction To Our Engineering Blog

Introduction To Our Engineering Blog

Introduction To Our Engineering Blog

All our customers adore the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Engineering at Yellowbrick makes the miracle technology behind that. Today you’ll see the first in an ongoing series of highly technical blog posts by a number of our staff. Neil and I are incredibly proud of our accomplishments over the last 7 years, and we can’t wait to explain to you some of the world-first innovations and creativity that have gone into our database. Our engineering team consists of roughly 70 staff, distributed across North America and Europe with offices in California and London. Our team ranges from one year’s working experience to 53 years of development experience, having developed everything from punch cards to the latest ARM-based instances. You’ll be seeing them talking about some of their amazing work in YouTube videos too.

Our people are what makes Yellowbrick special, and our special people have created truly special IP. We’ve designed both x86 and ARM-based hardware, Verilog, and built our fast switch firmware, we’ve done our operating system kernel, database storage engine, database execution engine, and query planner. We’ve rebuilt much of open source tools like PostgreSQL and integrated security-focused tools like Keycloak and Vault. We employ community contributors to open source projects like Vue.js and the Linux kernel and have built some of the most beautiful, easy-to-use web UI in the business. We’ve even built a SQL UI on top of Kubernetes. We’ve found bugs in compilers, bugs in CPU, and bugs in SSD controllers. We’ve found bugs in our customers’ firewalls from one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

At Yellowbrick, we don’t take open source projects, rename them, slam them all together and pretend that it’s something new. The core data path in Yellowbrick responsible for query execution is almost 100% our IP; we’re not slamming together Greenplum from China these days, Clickhouse from Russia, or FoundationDB because another company did that. We don’t follow fashion; we build stuff that works and keeps working. A result is that our team can debug and fix absolutely anything, anywhere in the stack, guaranteed, because we basically wrote or rewrote or fixed all of it anyway.

Thanks again for reading.

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