Succeeding With Telecom Analytics

Succeeding With Telecom Analytics

telecom analytics

“The Yellowbrick platform not only allows you to do things that you could not do but allows you to do them at a price point that can be three to five times lower.”

Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO, TEOCO

As mobile device use continues to surge, Telecom companies are on the leading edge of analytics innovation. Yellowbrick is built from the ground up for fast, efficient analytics to give Telecoms higher quality insight from all workloads, including real-time IoT, deep historical analytics, and ad hoc queries, at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Fast analytics on demand

Say goodbye to the days of waiting for reports or limiting ad hoc queries during peak hours. With Yellowbrick, users can run reports real-time instead of batch and in minutes instead of days. Business leaders can also make interactive, ad hoc queries at any time, without affecting other jobs.

Analytics that improve your business

Yellowbrick gives organizations the ability to analyze more data, faster to improve business across the board. Accounting will better ensure billing accuracy, Marketing can reduce churn by targeting high-value subscribers, Risk can analyze more historical data to improve fraud detection, and Operations can optimize infrastructure utilization and use least cost routing.

Your Call Data Records (CDR) solution

With Yellowbrick, not only can you capture billions of records daily, you can enrich them with hundreds of additional data sources and analyze months to years of data.

Dramatically reduce your platform costs

Yellowbrick customers have reported shrinking 6-racks of hardware into just 6U of space, dramatically reducing hardware, floor space, power and energy costs.

analytics in telecom industry
Scale seamlessly with a pay-as-you-grow solution

Highly scalable and hot-swappable architecture lets you purchase just the performance and capacity you need today and add more as you need it. Stop to the time-consuming and expensive 3 to 5-year hardware refresh in favor of an evergreen solution.

Example Telecom use cases
  • Financial: Improve billing accuracy and margin analysis, identify and automate least cost routing
  • Marketing: Reduce customer churn with targeted marketing of high-value subscribers.
  • Network optimization: Identify whether congestion is anomalous or requires steps for permanent resolution
TEOCO Case Study Summary

“We compared the performance of a 6-rack system to the 6U baseline Yellowbrick system. The performance was anywhere from 3 to 50 to 100 times faster.”

Rick Mahuson, VP R&D Business Analytics, TEOCO

  • Shortened time to insight: End-user reports now interactive instead of batch; reports that used to run overnight and into the day now complete in 5 minutes.
  • Simplified management: Teams largely relieved of monitoring for SLAs.
  • Slashed footprint: 6 racks consolidated to 6U.
  • Streamlined deployment and migration: Testing completed in 2 days compared to a minimum of 4 weeks for 4 other vendors
  • Dramatically lower TCO: Slashed data center costs by $800k/yr
  • Improved scalability: “Arithmetically perfect” multi-user concurrency.
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