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Yellowbrick Squares Up to the Data Warehousing Heavyweights

Yellowbrick Squares Up to the Data Warehousing Heavyweights

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Following a knockout decision, we can announce that Yellowbrick is now a Leader and Fast Mover in the latest GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses! We find ourselves in a rumble with the largest analytics platform providers in the industry, and we’re the only startup in contention!

GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses

GigaOm highlighted Yellowbrick’s advantages in cloud cost and speed, as well as its scalability, concurrency, deployment options, and low maintenance overhead. They also remarked on our successful transition from a new entrant to a solid contender with established offerings in the data warehousing market and a forward-looking strategy that packs a punch.

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How can a scrappy startup go toe-to-toe with the heavyweights in the industry and win? In part, it’s due to our unwavering focus on cost efficiency and performance, and in part, it’s because we’re a lovely company to do business with.

Engineered for Extreme Efficiency

From an efficiency and performance perspective, our Direct Data Accelerator architecture minimizes the route data takes from storage, across networks, and into the CPU, resulting in significant efficiencies and cost savings. It takes some innovative bobbing and weaving in software to do this: novel threading models, efficient memory management, and fast networking protocols for starters. Taking a holistic approach to the design and implementation of the entire database software stack, which includes optimizations at the OS level, means we can deliver better price/performance using a fraction of the cloud hardware required by the competition.

Added to that, our Kubernetes-orchestrated container-based architecture enables us to provision data warehouses in any cloud as well as provide an on-prem option. Kubernetes provides platform portability, elasticity, and resilience capabilities, and our separated compute and storage design gives access to essentially limitless cloud object storage.

The GigaOm report also highlighted our PostgreSQL compatibility, which lowers the migration barrier and allows Yellowbrick to integrate with the rest of the Postgres ecosystem, ranging from data integration, governance, and BI reporting tools, all the way to Python, R, and Spark clients. Together with partners such as Next Pathway, 95% of the migration effort from other data warehouses can be automated, so it’s never been easier to switch to Yellowbrick.

We’re With You, Every Step of the Way

While the report does a great job of accurately identifying why we’re a leader in this space from a product perspective, I believe there is another compelling reason: we deeply care about the long-term success of our customers. We want our customers to get into production fast and enjoy cost savings and business value as soon as possible. We want Yellowbrick to provide customers with a competitive advantage in their respective markets. As their business grows, they end up buying more from us, and so everyone wins.

In my view, being a trusted advisor rather than a vendor is as important as having a great product. It requires no effort for me to write about how well we support our customers, but why should you believe me? Instead, I’ll point to the customer reviews posted on G2, where we’re rated as the #1 enterprise data warehouse vendor. Equally effusive comments from our customers are posted on Gartner Peer Insights.

Let Us Prove It

Yellowbrick is punching above its weight category. We’re finding success because we have a good product with a roadmap singularly focused on being the best data warehouse on the market, and developing long-term relationships with customers who love doing business with us.

We’re prepared to put our money where our big mouth is: if we can’t deliver 75% cost savings to you, we’ll give you a year’s subscription to Yellowbrick for free!

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