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Hybrid Cloud Brief

Hybrid Cloud Brief
Yellowbrick in the Cloud:
Private, Public, and Hybrid

Unlike legacy and public cloud-only options, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse gives you the freedom
to deploy your data warehouse however you like: As an instance in your data center/private cloud, as SaaS in AWS and Azure (GCP support coming soon), or both/hybrid.

Hybrid cloud architecture is an IT approach in which data center/private cloud and public cloud infrastructure is used together, giving you the flexibility to run workloads wherever it makes the
most economic sense. (According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, more than 80
percent of organizations either have or want to have a hybrid cloud strategy.)

With this approach, you can:

  • Create multi-cloud analytic applications.
  • De-risk cloud journeys.
  • Link private and public cloud instances.
Yellowbrick | Panda
Yellowbrick | Panda

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