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A Top-ten Financial Services Company Gets Valuable Insights from Protected Data

A Top-ten Financial Services Company Gets Valuable Insights from Protected Data
Live webinar

Date: Jul 29 | Time: 8 am PT / 11 am ET
Duration: 30 minutes

Financial services organizations want to immediately convert data into valuable insights, but they often move cautiously and slow the pace of their data analytics initiatives because of increased security requirements and regulatory pressures—depriving themselves of innovative opportunities.

In this session, learn how a top-ten financial services company modernized its data warehouse for the best price/performance with Yellowbrick, while using the Protegrity Data Protection Platform for an extra layer of data-centric security. We will discuss:

  • How Protegrity integrates with Yellowbrick for petabyte-scale data security and analytics at a top financial services institution.
  • How to create a policy managed in the Protegrity platform and carry it over to Yellowbrick.
  • How Yellowbrick and Protegrity can easily scale and deliver secure, real-time analytics on billions of data rows – a must for large financial services organizations.
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