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Yellowbrick to Showcase New Release of Cloud Data Warehouse at:

Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2022

August 22–24, 2022, Orlando, FL, Booth #300

So a cat gallops into a data warehouse on a horse...

Are we an elite group of superheroes? Or fabled legends from a distant galaxy?

No, we’re a team dedicated to modernizing the world, starting with a better cloud data warehouse architecture, unrivaled performance and the best value in the industry.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance
Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2022

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Let’s right the wrongs of the data industry together and safeguard the future of analytics.

If You Can Make to Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2022

Stop by the Yellowbrick Booth (#300) or the Yellowbrick Now Engagement Zone to:

  • Experience a live demo to see how Yellowbrick is reimagining the data warehouse
  • Get your badge scanned and be entered into the Yellowbrick Anywhere Raffle for a chance to win a $500 FlightGift card
  • See real-time analytics in action by playing Forza Horizon 5
  • Get exclusive Yellowbrick swag
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance
Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2022
Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Mine Our Data and We'll Modernize Yours

If you are unable to make it to the Yellowbrick booth, connect with us here:

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Mine Our Data and We Will Modernize Yours.

Learn more about how Yellowbrick enables companies to modernize their data, empower their cloud strategy and journey, and ultimately innovate with data to transform business at enterprise scale.

Yellowbrick | Say Yes to Speed Security & Performance

Next Virtual Event Yellowbrick Live: Hands-On Workshop

Join us and your fellow data, analytics, and IT leaders for a virtual, interactive workshop where you’ll gain firsthand experience with Yellowbrick. Dive deep into our modern and open elastic data warehouse, and witness how Yellowbrick’s architecture allows you to take back control of your data and modernize your analytics.
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Run analytics 10 to 100x FASTER to achieve analytic insights that have never been possible.

Simpler to Manage
Configure, load and query billions of rows in minutes.

Shrink your data warehouse footprint by as much as 97% and save millions in operational and management costs.

Accessible Anywhere
Achieve high speed analytics in your data center or in any cloud.