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Cloud Investments In a Downturn: CFO’s Perspectives

Cloud Investments In a Downturn: CFO’s Perspectives

Tiki Talk: Frontline Stories From C-level Execs and IT Experts


  • Jason Snodgress, Yellowbrick Data COO
  • Hyoun Park, CEO and Principal Analyst, Amalgam Insights
  • Adriel Lares, CFO, Stash

In a world where business needs are constantly evolving, so are users, data volumes, and applications. In uncertain times, operational efficiency matters as organizations seek to balance investment priorities.

How do you take out uncertainty and manage risk while still allowing the flexibility to take advantage of opportunity and accelerate growth?

In this episode of Tiki Talk, we dive into planning business from a CFO standpoint, managing cloud data warehousing costs, why now is the perfect time to optimize cloud costs, and more.

Watch the episode to find out more about:

  • Changing macroeconomics: from growth to cost management.
  • Operational efficiency and sustained growth in uncertain times.
  • The role of optimization vs. architecture in cloud cost reduction.
  • Balancing investment priorities.
  • ROI, Capex and OPEX.
  • Aligning costs to revenue.
  • The evolution of FinOps.
  • Replacing legacy technologies with a brand-new approach.

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