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February 15, 12PM ET

Planning a Transition From Your Legacy Netezza System

In this webinar we discuss alternatives for Netezza users who must migrate and why Yellowbrick – which can run on-premises and on any cloud – offers a better, faster, cost-effective solution.

Attend our webinar and learn about planning and decision-making, selecting the right platform, and running a migration that minimizes risk, time, and cost.

You’ll learn:

  • How using Smart Associates’ after-life support services means your decisions do not need to be rushed unnecessarily.

  • Why Netezza customers, including Nielsen, Catalina Marketing, and Zurich North America, migrated to the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse.

  • How using Smart Data Frameworks eases the migration and adds vital assurance against data loss.

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Huw Ringer, CEO,
Smart Associates

Christian Shrauder,
Head of Product,

Heather Brodbeck,
VP Rev Ops, Yellowbrick

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