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4-Part Webinar Series

The Yellowbrick Road to Data Warehouse Modernization

A four-part webinar series exploring how Smart Associates can help Netezza customers looking for an alternative data warehouse platform discover the value, simplicity, and performance of Yellowbrick.

Episode 1: Get Fit: A Netezza Customer Journey

March 30, 12PM ET

Whether you’re still in love with your Netezza database; in despair at trying to find an alternative; frustrated at the time, cost, and effort of migrating to another platform; or fearful of what will happen when IBM stops supporting your system – this webinar is the first in a series that aims to show how Smart Associates in partnership with Yellowbrick can provide relief in the short term and hope for the future, to help you feel good again about your database choice.

Episode 2: Value Drivers in Data Warehouse Selection

April 6, 12PM ET

There are many different aspects of value to consider when selecting an alternative data warehousing platform. This second webinar in the series explores the effects that different factors such as simplification, performance, flexibility, and modernization can have on the value that Yellowbrick can add to an organization, beyond just its competitive on demand and subscription pricing models.

Episode 3: The Benefits of Simplicity in Data Warehouse Architecture

April 13, 12PM ET

Simplicity has a direct and lasting effect on the usefulness, operational cost, difficulty, and productivity of all the different users of and use cases for an analytic database platform. In this third webinar of the series, we explore how Yellowbrick’s simplicity can benefit different roles, functions, and applications within an organization – from administrators to developers and business users; from security to systems integration and migration.

Episode 4: Data Warehouse Performance Matters

April 20, 12PM ET

In the final webinar of the series, we discuss why performance matters and how Yellowbrick is able to dramatically outperform its competitors – both on-premises and in the cloud. We don’t expect you to believe this without seeing it for yourself, so we end by describing the end to end Proof of Concept process, and how Smart Associates can help customers create a Yellowbrick environment, migrate data, and start getting results in a matter of days.

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