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Live Demo Webinar:

March 24th,
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
( 30 Minutes )

Yellowbrick Live Demo: Righting the Wrongs of Cloud Data Warehouses

Join us and your peers in data, analytics, and IT for a virtual live demo led by Yellowbrick experts. Looking to modernize a legacy on-prem platform? Challenged by cost or performance of your current cloud data warehouse? Tasked with finding a foundation to underpin modern data fabric initiatives? Need to monetize data and build analytics capabilities into your application?

Enter Yellowbrick. We’re an innovative vendor with a multi-cloud and hybrid data warehouse solution that delivers extreme performance and efficiency at fixed costs.

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Live Demo for Data, Analytics, and IT Leaders

Get an inside look into Yellowbrick’s cloud-based, modern, and open elastic data warehouse. Stay in the loop on the latest and greatest in cloud data warehousing and analytics.

This webinar also will give you insights into:

– The simplicity of managing Yellowbrick.

– How Yellowbrick copes at high scale and high concurrency with mixed workloads.

– Yellowbrick’s intuitive UI for management and query.

– Loading data from cloud storage.

– Connecting to your BI and integration tools.

You’ll also find out:

– Why companies choose Yellowbrick Data Warehouse.

– How Yellowbrick’s efficiency means lower costs and higher performance.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Data, Analytics, and People.
Beyond showing the differentiation of Yellowbrick’s architecture, this webinar gives you an opportunity to see how we can help you:

– See firsthand how your business can benefit from Yellowbrick.

– Identify use cases that would be a good fit for Yellowbrick.

– Shrink your data warehouse footprint and save millions in operational and management costs.

– Leverage seamless multi-cloud and on-premises elasticity.

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Meet our experts and learn how to leverage Yellowbrick's secure and fast query response.

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Blazing-fast performance at petabyte scale awaits you.

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Learn More About the Only Modern Data Warehouse for Hybrid Cloud

Run analytics 10 to 100x FASTER to achieve analytic insights that have never been possible.

Simpler to Manage
Configure, load and query billions of rows in minutes.

Shrink your data warehouse footprint by as much as 97% and save millions in operational and management costs.

Accessible Anywhere
Achieve high speed analytics in your data center or in any cloud.