Yellowbrick Data is 100% committed to the success of our customers. Building a great product is not enough, it has to be backed up by world-class support people and systems. That is why we have a Customer Success team staffed by experienced engineers and led by a former CIO who understands our customers’ needs and how to deliver the services they need to be successful.

Yellowbrick Data has also built an extensive resources and documentation repository, the Yellowbrick Customer Center. When you become a customer, you will be given access to the Customer Center and the content of this repository as well as a designated point of contact with Yellowbrick who will coordinate the resources necessary for your success with the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse allows us to do things that we couldn’t do before — and at a price point that can be three to fives times lower than any other competitive solution.

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