Open The Dam In Your Data Lake

For the past decade, the data lake has gone through its ups and downs. Now that the hype has passed, and the data lake does not spell the imminent demise of the database or the data warehouse, people are taking a more somber, practical look. Data is the first step to...

Yellowbrick CEO Q&A Part 2: Cloud

In our last post we caught up with Yellowbrick Data CEO Neil Carson to discuss the background on the company and market. We continue here with more detail on Yellowbrick and the cloud. Q: You are making an appliance. The cloud is getting a lot of attention. Help us...

Yellowbrick CEO Q&A with Neil Carson

Welcome to the Yellowbrick blog! We took some time to sit down with our CEO Neil Carson to get his perspective on the company, our product, and the overall data market. COMPANY AND PRODUCT Q: What does Yellowbrick do? We help businesses derive value from their data by...

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