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Empowering Retail Managers With AI-Enabled Assistants

Empowering Retail Managers With AI-Enabled Assistants

AI-enabled assistants

AI presents many opportunities to enhance the digital customer experience. Recently, 451 Research published a report regarding Yellowbrick customer: Symphony Retail AI. This company has overlaid historical customer behavior data with an AI-backed digital analytic assistant named CINDE, short for Conversational Insights and Decision Engine. CINDE leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to interact with users to answer time-sensitive recommendations and alerts. Soon, Symphony RetailAI will add new skills to CINDE, and expects its capabilities to improve as it actively learns from interactions and is further integrated into the company’s products.

Symphony Retail AI provides retail operations and analytics software to a range of large retailers globally. Symphony RetailAI specializes in serving retailers and wholesalers within high-volume retail segments, including grocery and mass merchandise. Symphony RetailAI touts the ability to provide timely feedback and back-end decision-making systems for a grocery retail ecosystem, which is historically difficult to track and analyze.

Currently, Symphony RetailAI has been able to help North American and European retailers be successful. It is also experiencing growth with a number of customers in South America and Asia. Major clients include Albertsons, Dollar General, Giant Eagle, Southeastern Grocers, Carrefour, Pets at Home, and Pague Menos.

The Symphony RetailAI’s Customer 360 AI platform stems from its original Symphony EYC customer behavior analytics software supported by a range of data streams. The dashboard provides insights and recommendations based on product performance and consumer actions. Targeting retail executives as well as regional and individual store managers, users have the ability to view and track customer segments, product sales, and promotion effectiveness. Read the entire Symphony Retail AI customer story here.

To read the full report from 451, click here.

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