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What? Cloud Cost Reduction with Yellowbrick? 75% Cheaper? Guaranteed? Are You Joking?

What? Cloud Cost Reduction with Yellowbrick? 75% Cheaper? Guaranteed? Are You Joking?

Cloud Cost Reduction

Cloud cost reduction is no joke here at Yellowbrick. The boffins (or engineers, if you’re not familiar with British slang) here are so confident in the extreme efficiency of their engineering that we should guarantee a cost reduction (over Snowflake, Synapse, BigQuery, etc.) of 75%. The word “guarantee” – or the G-word as we in tech marketing call it – is that word that must not be uttered. It’s a ballsy claim, and while I protested, I was overruled! As the economic slowdown bites and CFO mandates about cost reduction reach IT, our conversations with customers are increasingly driven by slashing cloud costs.

Here’s the offer: Yellowbrick guarantees to save you at least 75% when compared to your existing cloud data warehouse solution. Yellowbrick will perform a personalized evaluation of your workload to calculate the basis of a guaranteed 75% reduction in price versus your annual cloud data warehouse costs. By switching, you can expect to see at least the same performance (query throughput) and support for the same number of concurrent users.

If we can’t meet the 75% guarantee, we will provide a Yellowbrick Subscription for free for one year (up to $1Mn) to deliver the evaluated workload.

For more details, go here:

Cloud Data Warehousing: Biggest Impact for Cloud Cost Reduction

Cloud data warehousing (CDW) gets more scrutiny because this technology is a high consumer of storage, network, and compute resources. According to Flexera’s eleventh annual State of the Cloud report for 2022, CDWs are top consumption. Also, I would recommend this report from Constellation Research: Why Data Warehouses Are Ground Zero for Cloud Cost Optimization which very clearly sets out the argument. So, if you’re looking to appease your CFO with your cost reduction initiatives, this is where you are likely to win brownie points!

A prudent approach for CDW cost reduction – particularly the premium-priced Snowflake – is to test it out for one app. Offload complex, always-on workloads to a more cost-effective Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. If you’re a Snowflake user, continue to use it for its great data-sharing capabilities and Yellowbrick for its ability to meet time-critical reporting SLAs, such as regulatory compliance. This boosts overall performance while lowering overall costs (75% remember!), ultimately giving a competitive advantage over those companies that choose Snowflake alone.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

While tech marketing making big, bold claims is nothing new, guaranteeing price performance is a dodgy business if you can’t back it up. Our guarantee is not based on some commercial pricing pant-dropping exercise; it’s all about architecture and efficiency being engineered into Yellowbrick. Our performance gains come through the efficient use of resources, which equates to lower costs. This architecture was perfected on-premises, but early in 2022, we launched a multi-cloud version that achieves these same performance gains. While a late entrant to the cloud, the technology is robust and proven at some of the world’s largest companies. The cloud version is quickly gaining market traction and is already used by key Yellowbrick customers.

This technology is called Direct Data Accelerator and you will be hearing a lot more about this in the coming weeks. Direct Data Accelerator shrinks or removes bottlenecks in the flow of data from storage through to the CPU, across the network, and back to the client. This requires optimizing operations at a significantly lower level of the technology stack than most vendors would dare to tread in areas of the technology stack buried so deep that they rarely see the light of day.


In writing this summary, I realize that “cheap” is another word tech marketing doesn’t like, preferring instead the flowery “cost-effective.” Anyway, I’m not the type who likes to call a spade a geomorphological modification instrument, so I’m sticking with “75% cheaper.” Of course, cost isn’t the be-all and end-all in IT – they quite rightly need to factor in data security, performance, availability, migration, and integration. However, given the desire to cut costs, this is worthy of a 30-minute call with Yellowbrick.

Take it from me, I’m an independent cloud data warehousing expert!

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